The Sign of Hastur

Contray to the other review here, I would argue (at least in four player) it is the worst treachery in the game. The potential to have it stay out for six+ turns, in a deck filled with horror, much of which is unavoidable, cannot be understated. Just one of these can easily cause 10+ horror across a team, and woe betide if you end up with two on the table at the same time. With two a guardian can go from full sanity to out of the game in a single mythos phase without even drawing from the bag. Brutal.

bobsmall · 4
Gang Up

You control cards in your hand. Does that count for this card aswell? When I play it do I control the card itself? This is the pay-off card for classes like Lola, Charlie and Subject. Permanents count which makes this card very good for Lola as she can very cheaply control a lot of classes. I wonder if there is a build for other classes using Multi-Class assets.

Cards can only interact with cards in play. You do control cards in your hand but they do not count for Gang Up. Gang Up itself does not count as a Guardian card while it is being played either. — Soul_Turtle · 334
"Control" is one of the most frustrating rule confusions for me. As written in the rules, you "control" cards in your hand. Don't believe me? It says so in the rules. And yet, somehow, we're supposed to know that on cards like this, "control" does not include the cards in your hand. Can anyone, anywhere, point to where the rules specify that? — acotgreave · 759 — Thatwasademo · 49
The 13th Vision

Important note especially for Hard/Expert players: this card means dropping the difficulty of a test to 0 to succeed on all non-autofail tokens will no longer work as a strategy as long as it is in play. Until you discard this, you'll be losing a lot of the value of cards like Flashlight.

Athe · 4
The Eye of Truth

Just browsing cards that can be used by Amanda Sharpe and found this card. In an Amanda deck this is an additional Promise of Power without the cost of curse tokens, and it may remove a random treachery you draw the next turn. Does it worth 5xp for that effect? I don't know, but I know I will try this card in my next companion.

PhotonCat · 1
The challenge with this card in Amanda is that it disappears from your deck. Since Amanda can cycle through cards super fast, that might not be something you want. However, it's an amazing card anyway, and I've certainly used it in Amanda. — acotgreave · 759