Cost: 0. XP: 1.
Test Icons:

Szybka. Zagraj tylko podczas twojej tury.

Dołącz do atutu z cechą Przedmiot, który kontrolujesz. Limit 1 na atut.

Po tym, jak zostanie odrzucony atut, do którego dołączono tę kartę: cofnij go na ręke właściciela razem z każdym innym dołączonym do niego dodatkiem z cechą Ulepszenie.

John Pacer
Zaplata za Grzechy #152.
W dobrym stanie

Well-Maintained is a card multiplier, it's power is strictly dependent on the card you apply it to so evaluating Well-Maintained in vacuum is HARD. Even so, here are some notes to keep in mind:

  • It returns the cards to your hand when discarded, this means that cards that do not self-discard are not returned till manually or unintentionally discarded. The card is missing a clause that let's it discard the attached asset, in my mind.
  • There are several treacheries that discard assets, such as Crypt Chill, that Well-Maintained helps you defend against.
  • Costs are not refunded so you still must be able to pay for the asset again, an issue mostly for the big guns.
  • Custom Ammunition and Reliable are the only/most important Upgrades to be released so far.

The most immediate way to read Well-Maintained is to assume it's meant for a big gun, but there are lots of cards that operate far more smoothly within the bounds of the wording. For example:

There are lots of items that don't discard but still work good with Well-Maintained, it just requires an extra step to execute on, to recurse an empty gun you need to play something else over it in the slot, for example a Flashlight or another copy of the gun, this is still a rather slow process so I wouldn't pick Well-Maintained for this purpose exclusively, Extra Ammunition is a much better option for reloading guns! But, when you have some of the other cards mentioned above, and/or one or both of the upgrade cards, Well-Maintained becomes a much more impressive addition.

Finally there's a couple more combos that are absolutely worth your attention:

Tsuruki23 · 2276
Does well maintained return itself to your hand? — Django · 4246
@Django It does not; it specifically says "other" upgrade cards. — SGPrometheus · 664
Could I have 2 of them to return both? — trazoM · 9
Limit 1 per asset, so no. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
For Skidds and Tony, this combos really nicely with Joey "The Rat" (3). Free trigger to 'discard' it back to your hand plus 2 resources to help play it back out - maybe even Fast. — Death by Chocolate · 1209

While this card can be used by guardians as insurance against item destruction on their expensive weapons (lightning gun, timeworn brand), paying the cost of 4 or 5 resources to replay the item could still be problematic ('act of desperation' could mitigate this by giving you resources equal to the item's cost after a successful attack).

A much better use, in my opinion, is to play 'well-maintained' on low-cost and high-value items that are cheap to replay and preferably discard themselves after use. One such item is 'grotesque statue' in the mystic class. Diana Stanley can take both 'well-maintained' and 'grotesque statue'. Once you have a statue in play, the two 'well-maintained' events basically function as extra copies of the statue, so you're functionally playing a Diana deck with 4 copies of 'grotesque statue'! Lola Hayes can take both cards as well, but she needs to be a mystic to trigger the statue and a guardian to trigger 'well-maintained' which might be difficult to achieve consistently.

11zxcvb11 · 3
In addition, while Sleight of Hand + Act of Desperation is already a popular combo. Consider adding Well-maintained. Now that's a pretty big combo (4 cards, counting the high cost item you want to use), but that's some effect. — Phelpsb83 · 165