This card can help any Rouge or off-class Rouge paired with a Guardin with a Machete to get their engaged with an enemy. Also Rouges have spare actions to do this instead of wasting precious Machete-chopping time for the Guardian, and they may get it easier to activate Pickpocketing when doing so.

anjopec · 12

At only 1 resource and 2XP, this upgrade to Wendy's Amulet looks like a terrific way to make her more reliable!

As a neat bonus, it can be included in non-Wendy decks that may lack reliable tutors, to dig out such as:

Grab two of them so that even if you don't pull the 1-of that you're looking for, there's a good chance you'll find a Backpack in your Backpack, so you can tutor after you tutor. (If you like that.)

HanoverFist · 148
Hemispheric Map

Clearly a very situational card, it's good in scenarios where you know there'll be a lot of locations in play and preferably from the get-go.

I think this card will really shine in The Blob That Ate Everything; as long as you're not at an outer location you'll get the +2 and +2 pretty much all the time.

I'd like to take two copies of it in a Mandy Thompson search deck with Dr. Elli Horowitz and maybe the oft-forgotten Relic Hunter just in case. Assuming you have enough other sources of search as well it should be found pretty quickly, and getting +4 and for a base of 7 and 9 on a lot of locations is pretty nuts.

Location breakdown:

  • 5 locations will net you the full +2
  • 4 locations will net you +1
  • 4 locations will net you nada
Isn't your breakdown off? I think it's (excluding your own location)... 0-1 locations +0 Will/ Int; 2-3 locations +1 Will/ Int; 4+ locations +2 Will/ Int — Django · 2660
The breakdown is specifically for blob that ate everything. It's saying in the blob, there are 4 locations that don't benefit you, 4 locations that give you +1 if you are standing on them, and 5 locations where you get +2 if you are standing on them — NarkasisBroon · 1
Stick to the Plan

One extra cool thing about Stick to the Plan that nobody else seems to be mentioning here:

For Roland Banks, Zoey Samaras and Carolyn Fern - you can include one copy of Astounding Revelation in your deck. This will trigger when you do your initial search with Stick to the Plan, causing you to consistently start every scenario with 2 extra resources (and your deck is thinned by one extra card!). This is equivalent to having Another Day, Another Dollar, for free!

snacc · 272
That's fair. It is discussed in a few Astounding Revelations reviews, but none on Stick to the Plan. I'm a big fan of using Zoey's 5 flex slots on 2x Rook and 3x Astounding Revelation, especially with how strong her signature asset is and the value of improving the consistancy of finding it. But 1x splashes of Surprised Rabbi is just very powerful with Stick to the Plan for those who can take it. It might even be worth considering Versatile as a budget Another Day Another Dollar if you don't mind adding the other four cards to your deck. (trading resource consistancy for card consistancy) — Death by Chocolate · 14
I'm assuming that this also means Stick to the Plan cannot have duplicates of any card under it? Just thought I'd ask since I didn't see it clarified elsewhere. — LaRoix · 57
STTP says "different" events so you can't stick the same card twice. — Django · 2660
"Fool me once..."

"Fool me once..." is an alright card if played fairly, for it purpose of cancelling a future encounter card - it comes cheaper than Ward of Protection (since you don't have to pay a horror), but costs an extra XP and has more stringent restrictions on when it can cancel a card. Other reviews give more in-depth descriptions of this.

However, there's an important (perhaps unintended) usage of this card: unlike most treachery-interaction cards, this one doesn't specify that it only applies to non-weakness treacheries, so you can use it to trap a weakness to avoid redrawing it when you reshuffle your deck.

Most Guardians don't really have the draw to take advantage of this, but this effect can be especially strong in Joe Diamond, who does have access to the tools needed to repeatedly draw his deck, and this can let you really easily facilitate infinite combos, even if you draw a particularly nasty weakness (such as Amnesia).

Tskami · 11