Dark Memory

Another signature Weakness that involves making choices. Looking at the two elements, the effect and the discard condition, we get:

The effect: This is, more or less, an Ancient Evils that costs Agnes an action and 2 resources for the dubious privilege of losing a turn and maybe advancing the Agenda. The second effect, where, if you don't play it, Agnes takes 2 Horror each turn, might seem like a way to get some damage in, but the 2:1 Horror to Damage ratio isn't in Agnes's favor, even with Horror soaks like Peter Sylvestre in her card pool. You can probably take it on the chin for a round or two, waiting for (or avoiding) the Witching Hour, but it's definitely troublesome, and, in rare cases, can cost you the game. The impact is a little dependent on whether you are in a scenario with a couple of long Agendas or a number of shorter ones, but it's never good.

The discard condition: Covered above, you take an action and spend 2 resources. Being a Spell, costs can be eased by Uncage the Soul, Shining Trapezohedron, and/or Robes of Endless Night (with the level 2 version saving you the possibility of taking an Attack of Opportunity for your pains), but that is almost always scant comfort.

All in all, this is average signature weakness, perhaps above average if you really hate Ancient Evils.

The Necronomicon

This is an interesting Weakness to rate. Looking at the two elements, the effect and the discard condition, we get:

The effect: Swapping the for the isn't fun, and it doubles you chance of auto failing, but... it's possible to go an entire scenario without seeing either token, so it's on the lower end of the punishment scale for signature weaknesses. It could even help you, if Daisy is running Voice of Ra, where the grants an extra 2 resources, while the is a miss. If you've had the bad luck to get Nihilism as your Weakness, you might feel differently. Still, not incredibly punishing.

The discard condition: 3 actions and 3 Horror, and the actions can be Daisy's bonus Tome actions. Daisy has a high Sanity, but this still eats a third of it. 2 actions to clear a Weakness is pretty standard, so 3 bonus actions is fairly forgiving, and Daisy can always pack Fearless (2) to recover from her unwise bedtime reading.

All in all, this is an easier than average signature weakness.

Song of the Magah Bird

Can someone explain where this bird starts and ends? Looks really strangely drawn in comparison to the other cards. And is it sitting on a branch, or is that the beak? Im confused... ........................................................................................

Brahlam · 1
Dark Ritual

No reviews yet? It's bad. If you're afraid of drawing curses then don't put them in the bag in the first place. Most curse cards require you to put in curses as a cost so this card can actually prevent you from playing your cards.

It's always a shame to see obvious pack filler and that's exactly what Dark Ritual is.

KasaiAisu · 1
Some rogues either want to spend money every turn, like Preston with Darkhorse, or want to keep curses trapped until they’re needed. Your building elaborate combo, eventually you won’t need the 0XP parts of it anymore, but this does an amazing job for some characters, preventing Faustian bargain‘s from ruining your chances of success. And when you’re ready for the tokens, stop paying for it. — MrGoldbee · 512
This also prevents curses from being used up by tests if you need a specific amount of them for other card effects. — Django · 2996
Yes, it's definitely a very situational card, but that is not the same as being a bad card. You shouldn't throw it in a deck on a whim; you use it when you have a specific reason for wanting to store curses. — LivefromBenefitSt · 221
Dexter Drake

Dexter, you're a boy, make a big noise

Playing in the street, gonna be a big man someday

You got Molly in your face, you big disgrace

Discarding assets all over the place, singin'

We will, five Will shrivel you

We will, five Will shrivel you

Drake, you're a young man, soldier man

Fine clothes in the street, gonna take on the world someday

You got Molly in your face, you big disgrace

Waving your haste all over the place

Six Will, we will summon you, sing it!

Six Will, we will summon you, yeah

Great Drake, you're an old man, veteran

Pleading with Yaztaroth, gonna get you some peace someday

You got Molly in your face, big disgrace

Summoned hound put you back in your place, do it!

Seven Will, we will razor you, yeah, yeah, come on

Eight Will, we will wither you, alright, louder!

Nine Will we will shrivel V you, one more time

Ten Will, we will shrivel you


jimjamculver · 111
Great work man! love it — StartWithTheName · 31585