Rita Young

Looks like Rita will get a new lease on life with all the fun Trick cards in Hemlock Vale. She's always been one of my favorites, and I'm really looking forward to testing out some "made for Rita" economy actions like Grift to Snitch. Bewitching seems like it was made for her. She'll get good use out of False Surrender (Done Runnin' indeed!) and can Vamp to get maximum results from an easy (for her) evasion test. Now I just want to see Rita doing some running in her Fine Clothes!

Time4Tiddy · 228

Finally a (relatively) cheap and effective answer to Roland Banks's terrible, terrible weakness. Play it out early, load it up with charges, and clear Cover Up with one test in one round.

Synergizes with Hand-Eye Coordination, which also combos with Chuck West 3 to let you investigate while engaged for free damage.

CombStranger · 233

The melee version of the .35 Winchester and Song of the Dead, with the significant advantage that, of the three, it doesn't use ammo. The others already come with a lot of ammo on account of their damage output being highly random, but infinite is still better.

Two kinds of investigators want this card, the first is hunters with high agility to use the fast action, which is to say Lily Chen and "Skids" O'Toole. Skids has the edge in that he can use Daring Maneuver to turn a flat success on the main attack into a +2, while Lily currently has no way to fix the result after the fact. Of course, skids will be missing the hand slots for investigative tools, while Lily is more comfortable with a 2-hander.

The second type is investigators with access to the level 1 Seeker pool, for the sole purpose of taking Steady-Handed. Steady-Handed lets you trigger it on a 1, 2 or 3 over target, every round. Being able to hit 3 damage 1/round will carry you through most of the game, and since it doesn't have to be ready to use the primary attack, you can follow up with +2 attacks to finish off 4 or 5hp enemies. As a bonus, hitting that +2 will heal a horror. That's amazing value. The only unfortunate thing is that between Roland, Joe, Vincent, Carolyn and Rex, two don't want a weapon and the other three don't have the agility to use the fast action.

Additional cards to consider:

Blasphemous Covenant has synergy with additional token fixing, if you're playing with curses.

Strong-Armed lets you re-roll at the cost of health.

• BTB Roland with the Due Diligence loves Hold Up, and Red Tape even makes it fast.

• Skids and Lily may like Grievous Wound, which lets you add a DoT with the fast attack for enemies you plan to evade.

• Skids theoretically likes False Surrender, which bundles action economy and a small skill bonus in one.

CombStranger · 233
Ad Hoc

I read this ability wrong originally. You can only use the ability on the discarded asset. This means you can stock a sledgehammer to toss for a free use of the double arrow attack (as clarified in the FAQ), but you cannot put it on a hammer to get a free use of the double attack after you whack them with the base hit.

This is a bit strange and basically means ad hoc allows you to use tools with big activation costs from your hand for free, after using an attached weapon.

drjones87 · 155
Not exactly for "free". You need: — bugiel_marek · 12
You need: 1. To have a card of specific trait in hand. 2. Discard that card. — bugiel_marek · 12
Hunting Jacket

Q: Can we attach a card to Hunting Jacket when the max is already reached, discarding another attached card and gaining 3 resources? A: You can’t. Once three are attached, you can’t add more, so you can’t get the resources. No cycling due to the limit. It’s just a convenient way to stash cards. And particularly good for a forthcoming investigator.

Now, onto the review:

This card is one of my favourites of this new expansion:

  • It is a fantastic enabler of Dark Horse builds by giving your resources during your turn during a window.
    • Costing 2 is also really good for Dark Horse decks, with 1 resource coming Madame Labranche and the other from the Upkeep phase.
  • It is a great way to use cards that you have 2 copies of but don't intend to play, like 2 Peter Sylvestre, or even Dark Horse itself, which is limited to 1 per investigator, and turn them into resources.
  • 2/2 Soak on your body slot, at 2 cost, is already an excellent upgrade to the Leather Coat on its own, even for 2xp.

Special cards worth considering:

  • Dilemmas are limited to 2 per turn, so if you draw 3, one of them will turn into a dead draw. Fix this by attaching it to your Hunting Jacket.
  • End of the Road is designed to be a dead draw until the last scenario. Stash it to your Jacket for some resources and wait till it actually matters.
  • Pelt Shipment, of course, doesn't restrict your hand while it's on your jacket, and you can sacrifice it at the end of the scenario to benefit it without dealing with the negative aspect.
  • Devil will reward you with even another card for bombing your jacket.
  • Tommy Muldoon, of course, who nets 8 resources out of this beauty!

Altogether a really good card, good but balanced, and I am excited to play with it.

One last thing, though. You didn't think I would forget this line:

And particularly good for a forthcoming investigator.

So what will it be??? Is it for the next box or the missing parallel of this cycle?
Will it react with cards attached, like Backpack, Katja Eastbank... Defeating assets is already covered by the Rookie... Can it be a Dark Horse specialist who reacts when you gain resources during your turn?

Valentin1331 · 53057