Cost: 0.
Test Icons:

Przystosowalny. Kiedy kupujesz Przyjaciół w szemranych kręgach, wybierz Cechę i zanotuj ją na ich arkuszu usprawnień.

Podejrzyj 6 wierzchnich kart twojej talii. Za każdą podejrzaną kartę, która ma wybraną Cechę, możesz wydać 1 żeton zasobu, aby dodać daną kartę na twoją rękę. Wtasuj pozostałe karty z powrotem do twojej talii.

„Interesy z panią to czysta przyjemność, pani O’Bannion”.
Borja Pindado
Szkarłatne klucze - Rozszerzenie badaczy #60.
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Wybrana Cecha: _____

Pomocni. Kiedy zagrywasz Przyjaciół w szemranych kręgach, możesz wybrać innego badacza w twojej lokalizacji, aby rozpatrzył ich efekt.

□□ Wszechstronni. Wybierz kolejną Cechę: _____. Kiedy zagrywasz Przyjaciół w szemranych kręgach, możesz wybrać 1 z podejrzanych kart z obiema wybranymi Cechami i dodać ją na twoją rękę bez wydawania 1 żetonu zasobu.

□□ Wspierający. Każda karta dodana na twoją rękę przez Przyjaciół w szemranych kręgach do końca fazy zyskuje symbol .

□□ Sprytni. Zamiast wtasowywać pozostałe karty do twojej talii możesz umieścić każdą z nich na wierzchu twojej talii, w dowolnej kolejności.

□□ Błyskawiczni. Przyjaciele w szemranych kręgach zyskują słowo kluczowe Szybka oraz „zagraj podczas dowolnego okna ”.

□□□ Doświadczeni. Zwiększ liczbę podejrzanych kart o 3.

□□□ Skuteczni. Możesz zagrać 1 z kart dodanych na twoją rękę (płacąc jej koszt).


At level 0

This card is a nice generic tutor for anyone who can take Rogue cards. Now you can tutor events or skills (or some assets) way easier (the Backpack (0) and Calling in Favors already covered most assets).

  • Compared to the Backpack, if you hit 3 targets, it cost you 1 more resource. And if you're unlucky, it costs you less/nothing so it's kind of similar.
  • Compared to Calling in favor, it goes 3 less cards-deep but could potentially target 2 more cards for 2 more resources. Again, overall pretty fair.

So yeah, this card is pretty nice at level 0 if you have a plan in mind with your Traits !

Which Trait(s) to choose ?

And more genereally any Traits that appear on your Deckbuilding Options or in your ability (Item for Bob Jenkins and Dexter Drake, etc.) OR, and more importantly, on the other investigators at your table (Charm for Amina Zidane, Relic for Ursula Downs, Tactic for Mark Harrigan, Tome for Daisy Walker, Bless for Mary, etc.). There is no limit if you coordonate your decks !

What upgrade(s) to take ?

1 □ Helpful. When you play Friends in Low Places, you may choose another investigator at your location to resolve its effects.

  • Generally hard to use but if you synchronize your deck with your teammates this could be very good ! Give a weapon to your Guardian, a Book to Daisy, and so on. The possibilities are almost infinite. Otherwise not that good because your teammate needs a specific Trait 'ideally in common with your deck) and resources to add the cards to their hands.

2 □□ Versatile. Choose another Trait: ____. When you play Friends in Low Places, you may choose one of the looked-at cards with both chosen Traits to add to your hand without spending 1 resource._

  • Pretty good if you have a very focused deck. You could go with Illicit+Weapon (for most Rogue guns), Favor+Service (for the Intel Report suite), Spell+Cursed (for the Armageddon suite). You may not hit every time but when you hit it's good !

  • Alternatively you could go with associations like Item+Weapon to have a broad list of possible targets and an occasionnal cost reduction. This is safer, probably the best option.

  • Finally, the last option is to go for totally different Traits like Item+Ally. You will never have that nice cost reduction but you will hit a lot of targets. This is a good option if you can pay for it !

3 □□ Bolstering. Each card added to your hand by Friends in Low Places gains a icon until the end of the phase.

  • Very situational but good for a Winifred deck built with skills that share a specific Trait or two. A skill for her is half a card so every resource you invest is better invested. But if you hit too many targets with Friends in Low Places+Bolstering, you will lose the icon. It might be better if you have a lot of action (or play at high player count) so you can have enough skill test to commit your skills to.

4 □□ Clever. Instead of shuffling the remaining cards into your deck, you may place each of them on the top of your deck, in any order.

  • THIS is the best option in my opinion ! You could chose a Trait not even existing in your deck, this would still be good ! For 1 action and 0 resource you can now rearrange however you want your next (up to) 6 draws and/or locate a weakness and prepare for it. Very useful if you draw a lot, a bit less otherwise obviously.

  • Be mindful though, there is a big anti-synergy with cards like [Lucky Cigarette Case (3) (not the level 0).

5 □□ Prompt. Friends in Low Places gains fast and "play during any window".

  • 2xp FOR -1 Action on 2 cards is very good. It will ease your setup if you had a bad mulligan, give you more actions to use your new cards or maybe take a resource before playing this card to make sure a target is not wasted because you're poor !
  • It is even better after you bought other upgrades for this card. You could play it before another investigator takes it's turn if you combine it with 1. Helpful or you can play a weapon or soak while engaged with 7. Swift.

6 □□□ Experienced. Increase the number of cards looked at by 3.

  • Another VERY GOOD upgrade. You get much more value by looking at 9 cards (generally a third of your deck at turn 1).
  • Combine it with every other upgrades for more efficiency. 4. Clever is even better now that you can rearrange a third of your deck (more later in the game) !

7 □□□ Swift. You may play one of the cards added to your hand (paying its cost).

  • This one is reserved to really rich people or low cost decks that don't rely on Skills. Preston and Bob are perfect because they're rich, have access to Survivor's cheap cards and need a lot of assets !
  • If you can manage to pay for your cards with a +1 cost though, this is bonkers ! You get back the action you used to play Friends in Low Places so this event almost gains Fast.

Upgrade combinations

  • "I'm a philanthropist rogue !" : 1. Helpful + 2. Versatile + 7. Swift (+ 5. Prompt) => 6/9xp Help your fighter to find and play their only copy of Flamethrower at the right time !

  • "Sort them all !" : 4. Clever + 6. Experienced => 5xp Rearrange from up to 9 cards of your deck everytime you play this card and avoid your weaknesses for days. It costs 5xp so, sadly, it becomes a level 3 card and splash-Rogues can't take it...

  • "I'm a skilled person !" : 2. Versatile + 3. Bolstering (+ 5. Prompt) => 4/6xp Choose two mutually exclusive Traits on Skill cards (like Practiced and Innate), add a lot of them to your deck, play first this round and then draw 2-4 skills with +1 to commit this phase !

Final thoughts

It's good, not broken or anything but good like every other Customizable card. I'd say Preston (with Favor / Service Traits), Finn (with Illicit / Weapon Traits) and Winifred (with any two Practiced / Innate / Developed Traits) are the best users of this cards. But everyone could make good use of it and adapt it to its deck/group.

Bonus idea : Combine it with the tri-color Talents from EoTE like Antiquary to pay for all the cards you will get (and pay 1 resource each) thanks to Friends in Low Places !

captainfire · 177
"Sort them all !" : 4. Clever + 6. Experienced ==> 5 XP. Is not available to Splash-Rogues, since the card level is 3. Upgradable Card effective levels are XP/2 (round up). — Daerthalus · 14
Oops you're right ! I messed up and that's very sad for splash-Rogues :p — captainfire · 177
As far as I understand, you can also use it to fish for your weakness if you know it? — Aethusium · 1
I think "item" is a very good trait to choose if you are a asset-heavy rouge, like Finn, Jones, Bob, etc. — Rainysugar · 31
Another interesting, if somewhat niche "trait" choice : Condition. — DrOGM · 21
(continuing previous comment) "Condition" can find exactly two cards at the moment : Dark Horse and Well Connected. Any deck that is built around one of these cards will benefit tutoring them. — DrOGM · 21
Not sure if it — koaexe · 15
(The enter key is really trigger-happy these days) Not sure if it's better than Calling in Favors, but I ran this as an Ally + Item (with Versatile) tutor in Leo Anderson and it worked pretty well as to compliment Prepared for the Worst. Later getting Prompt also allows him to play it before his turn just in time for his beginning-of-turn reaction. — koaexe · 15
"Sort them all" is great on Sefina. With Prevoyance she can now play assets or remove Star of Hyades almost every time. Played this upgrade (+Prompt, and then helpfull because who anyone want to sort his deck... with double, double it's not even a problem for you) and i think a saw Star of Hades only twice after the second scenrio of the campaign. — Emmental · 79
"Shut Up And Take My Money": Versatile + Prompt + Experienced + Swift. For when Preston, Jenny, or Bob want to blow their cash fast. — HanoverFist · 625

Another review tells details about FiLP and it is really helpful when you read it! In this review, I'll talk about some parts easily overlooked.

First, rogue class has really few tutor cards, and FiLP is second rogue tutor card and first 0 level rogue tutor card; first one is Lucky Cigarette Case (3). In fact, survivor class is almost similar, i.e., they has only two tutor cards: Flare (1) and Rabbit's Foot (3). IMO, Preston Fairmont is really love FiLP.

Second, Bolstering gives icon. It means added card can be commited into any type of the test, regardless of the icon it has. For example, we can commit "Watch this!", Manual Dexterity, or Overpower into Lockpicks test. Moreover, non-icon card can be commited into the test, such as Dark Memory, The Devil • XV or Pay Your Due. (note: only player card type of weakness can be committed using this method.)

Third, Prompt + Shift make us play any non-fast event at any window. It is useful between 3.2 and 3.3 or during the test of the encounter card. Outside of that, it is also useful when making the example with the non-fast event playing as fast speed.

Lastly, FiLP states "look" and "add" cards. Thus, it does not interact with lots of seeker cards, such as Mandy Thompson, Astounding Revelation or Cryptic Writings.

Traits note for skill cards (Bolstering)

  • Most skill cards have either innate or practiced. None has both traits. Thus, it's recommended to choose either innate or practiced.
  • ALL developed cards are innate. ALL expert cards are practiced. Choosing developed or expert for default trait is useless, and that for Versatile trait may reduce 1 resource cost. Only one exception is Seal of the Elder Sign. It is Expert but not Practiced.
  • Here is list of the skill cards neither innate nor practiced. arkhamdb search link
  • Another candidates for Versatile is Gambit, including "Watch This!", Copycat, and Calculated Risk.

Traits note for event cards

  • The traits for events are variable, but here are the main type of event traits not considering classes: tactic, insight, spirit, spell, supply, fortune, trick, favor.
  • In many cases, it depends on your deck or the investigator's subclass.
  • Considering rogue class, trick is great candidate for Prompt target. Also, favor is also good target, but most of them in the deck are fast.
elkeinkrad · 451
"Third, Prompt make us play any non-fast event at any Fast window" I think you need 3 XP more for Swift too to do this right? — 5argon · 6304
Oh, it needs both Prompt + Shift. Thanks for your correction! — elkeinkrad · 451

A question that’s come up is “does the Helpful upgrade allow both you and a teammate resolve the card, or just one or the other?” I lean toward one or the other, based on how cheap one check mark is, but it’s ambiguous enough that I could see it going either way. Thoughts?

PanicMoon · 2
You don't split the effect you just change the investigator who profit from the effect. — Tharzax · 1


Good discussion about traits to name. Innate, practiced, gambit, fortune, item, illicit, talent, ally, spell can all be useful.

dubcity566 · 106