Cost: 3. XP: 3.

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Zużywalny (2 zasoby). Uzupełnij dane zasoby na początku każdej rundy.

Żetony zasobów na Antykwariuszu mogą zostać wydane, aby opłacić koszt kart z cechą Przysługa, Relikwia lub Rytuał.

Podczas testu umiejętności z karty z cechą Przysługa, Relikwia lub Rytuał wydaj 1 żeton zasobu z Antykwariusza: do tego testu dostajesz +1 do wartości umiejętności.

Caravan Studio
Na krawędzi Ziemi - Rozszerzenie badaczy #124.


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Antiquary states: "Resources on Antiquary may be spent to pay for Favor, Relic or Ritual cards." Friends in Low Places states: "you may spend 1 resource to add that card to your hand." Is the cost in Friends in Low Places' ability able to be paid for by Antiquary in light of Knowledge is Power allowing you to ignore the secret cost in the ability of Old Book of Lore level 3 [see Knowledge is Power FAQs]? A: To answer your question(s):

    • No. Resources on Antiquary may only be spent to pay the cost to play Favor/Relic/Ritual cards. Friends in Low Places is a Favor card that costs 0 resources to play.
    • The rulings around Knowledge is Power comes from its ability text specifying that you “ignore all costs” on the chosen card; this concept does not apply to Antiquary and Friends in Low Places.
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So far, Favor cards are exclusively found in , with a few neutral cards on the side. They don't initiate skill tests, so you're getting this to discount Intel Report and the like. Not bad if you have a lot of such cards, but for 3 XP you should get more. It's a good thing Relic cards are found across many classes, and there's a splash of Ritual cards for all of the classes, too. So, while most Rogues and Dexter Drake may take advantage of all three traits, the main value of this card for everyone else will be discounting Relics and Rituals. Should you take this card? If you need the money, and you know you want those cards, then yes. Because there's powerful Rituals and Relics across the board, you'll know if this fits in or not.

One more note: Rituals don't really initiate skill tests either, but there are a few Relics that do (and Relics sure are expensive anyways), probably the most interesting are the neutral weapons Ornate Bow and Timeworn Brand. Enchanted Blade is another interesting option, since Mystics would like a boost to repeatedly use this weapon.

dscarpac · 753
Close the Circle and Acheron version of Archive of Conduits (remove a leyline after warping) are Ritual that has a skill test. — 5argon · 8251
Can you use the reaction for a test generated by Eon Chart? Is such an investigate of evade considered to be on the card? — Carcharoth · 1
No, they're basic actions (or untaboo'd, actions on other cards). But if you're engaging in shenanigans with the eon chart, you might really appreciate the discounts anyway. — Lailah · 1
Noticed that you can turn all Weapons into Relics with "Enchant Weapon", so that you may boost their attacks / skill tests with Antiquary. Same goes for The Runic Axe while you upgrade "Heirloom" on the upgrade sheet. — Miroque · 23

I tried to put this in Sefina with ornate bow and some favor cards. It was not a particularly great deck, in general I find Sefina a bit challenging especially on harder difficulties, but it did really allow this card to shine.

dubcity566 · 109
I think I know the answer to this, but does anyone know if you can use charges one agility/strength/lore tests when using Empower Self? Thanks! — christhelibrarian · 13