Sztuczka. Synergia.

Cost: 0. XP: 1.


Szybka. Zagraj podczas dowolnego okna .

Zyskujesz 1 żeton zasobu za każdą różną klasę pośród kart, które kontrolujesz.

Gdybyś nie miał tego zrobić, nie byłoby to legalne.
Alexandre Dainche
Na krawędzi Ziemi - Rozszerzenie badaczy #50.
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(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Do neutral cards count as a class for the purposes of Synergy cards? A: No. Neutral is not a class; it indicates a card that does not have a class. - Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion Frequently Asked Questions section
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This card might be particularly interesting in a poor Preston build. With any of the 3-class talents in play, this is at the very least a fast Emergency Cache, he can play after his turn, for instance in the Enemy or Upkeep phase, so it is still readily available in the next Mythos phase on his Family Inheritance to either spend on Counterespionage, boost a skill test, or save it for the Investigation phase, if not needed. And Dark Horse still stays online, as long as he spends the 1 resource from Upkeep.

He could also cash in the money in the Mythos Phase, if he just wants to blow it into Moxie or Dig Deep on a test. Unfortunately, to potentially use it for Counterespionage, he has to decide, before he sees the card. If he has Antiquary and DH in play, he could play Counterespionage up to the 6 resource effect (using the resources from Antiquary, of course), and still start his turn with an additional resource on his Inheritance. But even with Bruiser or Crafty, which have (redundant to DH), he could still play it for 4 resources.

Susumu · 347

Many characters can start a game with 2 classes only with their permanents. But if you plan your assets accordingly (for example if you are going rich Unscrupulous Loan will cover ), this card replace way more effectively Hot Streak (even it's upgraded version because it's fast and free, meaning you can play it whenever you want).

I think Rogues could be the best class to go down the Synergy road, because you can Double, Double Call for Backup for maximum efficiency.

Emmental · 106
DD CfB is neat. — MrGoldbee · 1413

When you have no cards in your deck , you can't shuffle any cards into it and they are discarded instead. What happens if Wendy with her signature card has no cards in her deck and plays an event? If you can't put a card at the bottom of the void, is it also discarded instead? Feels like someone is really cheating then.

Tzolkin1065 · 155
Wendy's signature places on the bottom of the deck, which does work with an empty deck. You could then potentially loop it for one copy a turn, I suppose, but until we see a fast, during any player window, draw one card, the loop isn't infinite. — SSW · 206
For cards like this, do dual-class cards (like, say, Tennessee Sour Mash Rogue/Survivor) count as two? — khoshekh · 5
Yes compare the rules for multi-class items. In the worst case one of them counts as to off-class cards for Dunwich investigators — Tharzax · 1
According to https://arkhamdb.com/rules#Ownership_and_Control you control all the cards in your hand, deck and discard pile. — david6680 · 56
Had been answered on other synergy cards, but while this is technically true, card abilities can only interact with other cards, that are in play, unless they state otherwise. So there is no "synergy" with cards in deck, hand or discard pile. — Susumu · 347
Wanted to clarify, as per the Rules Section here under Multi-Class, "A card cannot take up more than one "out of class" slot, regardless of how many class icons the card bears." , so a dunwich dude would only lose 1 slot if both card factions are off-coloured. Most Chars wont even lose a slot if one of the colors is unlimited access, with some few exceptions. — surturiel · 1

This card is an instant classic in big money Sefina, but even better in Underworld support big money. (Why would you run that? Because it gets you a smaller deck which gets you closer to Double, Double.) With scroll of secrets, tennessee Sour mash or any number of spells, this is free real estate. And you can even use it during the encounter phase to boost a well-connected. Definitely worth one XP. And the flavor text is fun.

MrGoldbee · 1413