Informacja. Duch.

Cost: 2.


Za każdą twoją zajętą strefę mistyczną wylecz 1 obrażenie albo 1 punkt przerażenia.

Pozwalasz swojemu umysłowi odpłynąć w zimną,
pozbawioną rozterek otchłań zapomnienia.
Wszechobecna pustka sprawia,
że czujesz się jak w domu.
Mauro Dal Bo
Na krawędzi Ziemi - Rozszerzenie badaczy #61.
Trans medytacyjny


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Emergency Aid and Logical Reasoning seem like good benchmarks for healing events. They both cost 2 resources, and they both heal for 2. Meditative Trance has the same printed cost, but will only heal for 2 if both of your arcane slots are filled, which in the end costs more resources, cards, and actions. In a vacuum, definitely not worth it.

Of course, you're not filling your arcane slots purely for the sake of getting this card online--arcane assets do useful things too, and odds are if you're running this card you're also running Dragon Pole. We run into the same issue here as we do with the staff: cards that depend on other cards being in play to be strong are questionable in their utility and efficiency. However, as a healing card you'll be more likely to play it later on in the game anyhow, at which point hopefully you'll have your slots filled. On the other hand, theoretically if your assets are fully set up that means the game is probably going well, meaning you may not need healing.

In addition to the obvious, there are a few not-so-obvious things that make it even less appealing:


  • Unlike Emergency Aid and Logical Reasoning, the healing itself is flexible! This somewhat makes up for the fact that you can only play it on yourself. Maybe you can run it with Solemn Vow and such.
  • Breaking the limits and having more than 2 arcane slots filled takes you into value town. Even just having 3 (from the additional slot you get with Dragon Pole) is pretty good. I'd caution against just taking a bunch of cards that increase your slots, but like the pole if you push it, the effect becomes massively strong (albeit increasingly impractical). I'd probably stop at 5, but if you want to make a deck that allows you to heal 11 damage/horror at once, no one is stopping you.
  • Lack of the Spell trait locks out some good combos, but Insight and Spirit have some okay stuff going on! De Vermis Mysteriis and Prophetic still work, Crafty and Boxing Gloves are there I guess, Calvin Wright can take it but shouldn't, Cryptic Grimoire and Eidetic Memory might be good.

Overall, I'd say this card is only worth considering if you're building a Dragon Pole deck and really chugging your arcane slots accordingly. I'd still like to see more support for this deck archetype as it doesn't really seem all that practical especially at higher XP level play, it's just such a cool effect that as of now takes too long to set up and has fairly meager returns for its considerable expenses.

Lily Chen, Dragon Pole build, helps tank all manner of face eaters. — fiatluxia · 64
"Boxing Gloves" are hard to justify and fit into a Diana deck, but they are not terrible. So I would not totally dismiss them as "being there". Diana has plenty of good to great for her Spirit cards in her pool. — Susumu · 347
This card is saving my Luke in Innsmouth. The comparison to Logical Reasoning & Emergency Aid is a good one, and I feel this card is easily on par. Apart from Dragon Pole, Sign Magick(3) has boosted this thing's likely on-cast value to 3 for many other archetypes. And while it takes a while to get those 3 arcane slots filled, healing has the benefit of usually being a "no hurry" task that you wont need until late mission anyhow. And yeah, the flexibility to take care of either Health or Sanity is huge, especially given Mystic's otherwise lacking options for soaking/healing HP. — HanoverFist · 685

Goes well with Sign Magick [b]or[/b] the alternate Agnes Baker who needs the healing and can recycle it at a discount but it's probably a pretty marginal card for anyone else since you are usually better off pushing forward than trying to heal and 'soak' is generally the way to go given the cost of healing in this game.

Consider tossing it in if you're already running Sign Magick and heavy Arcane Assets (maybe you're an Alchemist )but bear in mind that Agnes Baker would generally rather play spell Events than Assets.

Fearless has you covered for Sanity of course -you don't want to be spending money or actions for it generally.

Timlagor · 4
If it were spell traited, Agnes would love it, but i don't think she can recycle this. I'm too lazy to look her wording up though. — SGPrometheus · 769
Parallel Agnes' ability only works with Spells. — MiskatonicFrosh · 337
Agnes // would play Hallowed Mirror (3) instead so that Mystifying Song will cycle itself and heal more reliably (without having to play any Spell Assets) :) — captainfire · 222