Atut. Ciało

Przedmiot. Ubranie.

Cost: 3.

Health: 2. Sanity: –.

Kiedy zagrywasz kartę z cechą Zaklęcie, wyczerp Szaty niekończącej się nocy: obniż koszt danej karty o 1.

Ciemna jest otchłań na zewnątrz. Jasna jest otchłań wewnątrz.
Greg Bobrowski
Jacqueline Fine #12.
Szaty niekończącej się nocy


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Finally, a body asset, and a quite strong one at that!

First off, damage soak can always be appreciated by a faction that tends to be low on the health side, but for that alone it's fairly expensive. On that merit, it's hard not to compare to Trench Coat, which costs the same, but provides a bonus that most Mystics will find useless. There's also Leather Coat, which provides the same protection for free, and synergizes with recursion (if that's even something to consider in a deck).

But the true strength of this card is in its economy. After three rounds of playing spells--which is just what Mystics do--you break even, and from then on you're in the black. As long as you play this early and you're on a good curve, that's better than a 0 cost card.

How does this compare to the mainstay economy card Uncage the Soul? Well, the discount here is plainly inferior (on a per-card basis at least), but Uncage has a major downside: it's bad for playing events. Most Spell events are either fast (meaning they either can't be uncaged because they have a prereq, or you're trading an action), or are used to Fight/Evade which is bad to "play a card" over. The Robes, on the other hand, are a nice clean . Even the lesser discount can be good, as there are a handful of spells that are too cheap to waste an Uncage on. And, so long as they don't get discarded, the Robes can be used way more than twice!

I think Uncage is still better for most assets (and it's got that nice ), but running the Robes with it sounds like a great way to almost guarantee a strong economy for a faction that typically likes expensive decks.

Yeah, I really like both versions of these robes, especially for making cheap spell events free. In a super spell-heavy deck, two copies of this are very very good. — SGPrometheus · 776
Nice review! I very much enjoy the health boost + having at least 1 unique mystic body slot. The saved economy is indeed where it shines, but the one downside you have to consider is that it exhausts. It is best in a deck with both spell assets and events because if it's nothing but events, you're going to be playing many events at full price. Having some charges on the table will help equalize that. Great card to have though. — LaRoix · 1634
This combos with Shining Trapezohedron, right? Reducing the Willpower test by 1? — LivefromBenefitSt · 1034
That is correct! To get granular: the robes apply a modifier to the cost of the spell, which happens in step 1 of the initiation sequence. Then the trapezohedron would be used in step 2 when it's time to pay the cost. Good eye on that synergy! — MiskatonicFrosh · 337
I feel sad that I like the art but can't shake the feeling that it really belongs on a Dr. Strange card rather than in AH:TCG — LivefromBenefitSt · 1034
This was a very solid card in my Parallel Agnes playthrough. Besides the needed extra health for more blood magic, it's the perfect compliment Storm of Spirits to make it free which is a must have for Parallel Agnes. — PuppyBrat · 1

I think this compares somewhat poorly to Leather Coat coat and I'd rather take that if I can. Waiting for 3+ spells over 3+ turns to just breakeven makes this a hard sell. Sometimes you draw it late and you arent playing any more spells. Even early on, it feels slow to play this, gather more resources and play your main spells.

But not every can take leather coat. Robes of endless night does however compare favorably to the neutral Trench Coat and decently to Heavy Furs. Only Sefina has enough agility to even think about evading but she is even more heavy on spells.

Heavy furs might be useful in Diana Stanley and maybe Jim Culver but for the most part, the economy is better than an extra reroll because mystics usually do want the health soak for themselves. The reroll on symbols is occasionally useful to avoid the downsides of your spells but mystics have other avenues to avoid that.

It's generally obvious when you'll take this, a mystic with low (5) health and lots of spells (maybe around 10 spells). With around 10 spells, you should be able to play 1 every 2 turns and make back your cost after 6 turns (about 1/3 of the scenario).

fates · 49
I saw this card as bad when I first saw it, but then I realised 2 health soak is such an amazing thing for mystics I'd run it just for that, now we have heavy furs its a little harder to justify just for that but its pretty trivial to get 3 discounts and make this a much cheaper option. the upgrade is bonkers good though. — Zerogrim · 287
Have Bob help pay :). — MrGoldbee · 1419

Just a quick question. I was wondering if Robes makes something Sefinas Painted World copies cheaper regardless if it's a spell being copied or not? I think it does based on the q&a regarding Uncage the soul

Yep, looks like. — SGPrometheus · 776
Specifically, Painted World is 'itself' when you are a selecting a card to play with Robes of Night. Once it is played, it is no longer a spell, the second you actually play it (before paying its costs), but that is ok because it was a valid target for the effect when this happened. This also means that you could in theory 'double dip' into another effect like say... Chuck, to make the card cost 3 less, and if you are feeling goofy make it DOUBLE FAST. — dezzmont · 204
You are not selecting a card with Robes of Night. It has the same triggering condition as chuck. Therefore, I imagine it to be either Robes of Endless Night or Chuck (in case the chosen card is Tactic or Trick). Since "When" happens immediately after playing the card but before any effect happens, Robes of Endless Night works with any effect chosen by Painted World. Still I am not quite sure about it. — Scythe · 1