Tommy Muldoon
Początkujący gliniarz


Policja. Stróż.

Willpower: 3. Intellect: 3. Combat: 4. Agility: 2.
Health: 8. Sanity: 6.

Kiedy atut, który kontrolujesz zostanie pokonany: zyskujesz X żetonów zasobów, gdzie X to łączna liczba obrażeń I punktów przerażenia na danym atucie. Wtasuj dany atut do twojej talii.

Efekt : +2. Możesz poruszyc do 2 obrażeń i/lub punktór przerażenia z Tommy’ego Muldoona na kontrolowany przez ciebie atut lub z kontrolowaneo przez ciebie atutu na Tommy’ego Muldoona.

"Oczy dookoła głowy, Tommy."
Magali Villeneuve
Pożeracze Snów #1.
Tommy Muldoon

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Rozmiar talii: 30.

Opcje tworzenia talii: karty Strażnika() o poziomie 0-5, karty neutralne o poziomie 0-5, karty Ocalalego() o poziomie 0-2.

Wymogi tworzenia talii (nie wliczane do wielkości talii): Becky, Błąd żółtodzioba, 1 losowe podstawowe osłabienie.

Większość Muldoonów jest w jakiś sposób związana z policją. Nie tak dawno swoją odznakę otrzymał najmłodszy z braci, Tommy. Bystrooki, szaleńczo odważny I uzbrojony w niezawodną strzelbę Becky. Tommy chce się poświęcić egzekwowaniu prawa…Jednak gdy został wydelegowany do Biura Szeryfa w Arkham, odkrył, że nie jest wystarczająco przygotowany na przedziwne przestępstwa mające miejsce w tym zagadkowym mieście. Jednak niezaleźnie od tego czy miejscem zbrodni jest zadymiony nielegalny bard czy splamiony krwią ołtarz, Tommy nie spocznie, dopóki nie doprowadzi winowajcy przed oblicze sprawiedliwości.
Tommy Muldoon

She's a junkyard dog lookin' for snacks in all the wrong places! He's a rookie cop from the wrong side of the tracks!

They Fight Crime!

Yorick's career-minded brother joins the battle, and the similarities are plentiful. Both are blue-and-red. Both wallop baddies. Both are 8/6 Health/Sanity. Both are 4/3/3/2 in Combat/Willpower/Something/Something. Both laugh at the "discard pile". And both are Tanks.

There's a divergence of method, though: where William wants to run cheap with welfare, fire safety, the CIA, and cutlery, Tommy here wants to run rich, with dogs, cops, clergy, the FBI, and different cutlery.

A few notes:

  • Tommy wants assets, so he can- and should- plan ahead. This lets him go full doomsday prepper.
  • Tommy wants lots of friends. Exploding priests aside, dogs cops & feds are non-unique, so double away!
  • Card-economy is Tommy's weak suit. He's got money, and encouraging attacks generates action economy, but defeated assets that go into the deck still need to get thinly-drawn.
  • His rifle is a pretty nice girl, but she doesn't have a lot to say. If a cheap reloadable .45 with 2 bullets that hates Survival Knife is your thing, go for it.
  • Mistakes will be made. But short of encounters, this is the only way you can unintentionally lose a health-havin' asset to the discard pile, so the usual survivor recursion tricks are of questionable value.
  • In multiplayer, there's more baddies, and tanky characters can afford to drag enemies into the same room. Consider military equipment.
  • Lastly, one thing both Tommy & William can agree on is that Best Ally is Mr. Pawterson.
HanoverFist · 341
Tommy and Yorick both also get excellent mileage out of True Grit and Something Worth Fighting For. Its worth pointing out that Survival Knife is not a great weapon for him because the attack has to deal damage rather than horror, and deal damage to you and not your assets, in order for you to get the trigger. Better to just load up on Machetes, especially with a Bandolier that gives you money when you no longer need it. — The_Wall · 231
That's not true @The_Wall . The survival knife triggers off damage that targets you and it doesn't matter where it is assigned. It's a decent option for this character to have. — Bronze · 152
Rifle works better than it appears, the ability to cycle dead allies into bullets is pretty neat. — ezrk · 1

Tommy Muldoon can use to great effect The Red-Gloved Man: just wait until you get engaged by an enemy (or force it with First Watch, "Let me handle this!", On the Hunt), play at fast speed RGM for 2 resources, get 2 skills to 6 base, choosing whatever you need most for the turn, do 3 actions taking attacks of opportunity so RGM is defeated in the enemy phase, then use Tommy Muldoon's reaction to get 7-8 resources and shuffling back RGM.

You net 5-6 resources every time, get free turns while engaged, 6 skill base value for 2 skills of your choice and you never lose RGM because its shuffled back to be abused again.

William · 105
This is downright sadistic. Poor glovey. :) — ratnip · 35

I didn’t see much potential in Tommy Muldoon, playing him in duo. He wasn’t that great at crime solving and he wasn’t that great at fighting. Three player changed my mind. With some copies of Solemn Vow, Tommy has the capacity to shield teammates from ridiculous amounts of damage. Especially in the Innsmouth Conspiracy, where enemies do damage just by engaging you, he can protect in ways that Roland, Zoey or Nathaniel simply can’t.

When he absorbs hits, he gets cash, or bullets, which let him absorb even more damage. The other players furiously focus on clues. As they ignore problems, he triggers Tetsuo to restore items from the trash or let people search their decks and hit those effects. (A cop who causes a lot of destruction? Clearly the 1920s were different time.)

The thing that Tommy doesn’t do well, which is draw, is much easier to deal with now that scroll of secrets is a fast action. Teammates should also find ways to help Tommy get initial cash, so he doesn’t have to choose later on between soak and damage. With a pair of Reliable’s on Becky, he can let his gun do all the talking his badge won’t.

MrGoldbee · 1029
Tommy is definitely a good protector, although to be honest I think Yorick does it better. Yorick is a fiend for protecting the party when properly piloted — NarkasisBroon · 1
I would argue that Tommy has access to a lot of the best survivor tools with 0–2, and agency back up eventually makes him psychotically good. If you’re going to spam eucatastrophe and get all your cards back then Yorrick is super good. — MrGoldbee · 1029
When Tommy is really singing, watch out! He generates resources/bullets for Becky like nobody's business. And the comnstatntly reshuffling assets into your deck really helps with diluting your deck to prevent weaknesses from being drawn. He's maybe nbetter in 3= player counts, but he's no slouch. — LivefromBenefitSt · 603