Fortune. Research.

XP: 1.
Test Icons:


Kiedy przeszukujesz twoją talię i pośród przeszukiwanych kart znajduje się Zaskakujące znalezisko: umieść je w grze,w twoim obszarze gry. Musisz przeznaczyć je do następnego dozwolonego testu umiejętności, który będziesz wykonywał. Jeśli dany test zakończy się sukcesem, dobierz 1 kartę. (Maksymalnie 1 zdolność z karty z cechą Badanie na przeszukiwanie.)

Jesse Mead
Gdzie Mieszkają Bogowie #278.
Zaskakujące znalezisko


This thing directly competes with Astounding Revelation and +1's are easier to come by than chunky resource boosts and bonus secrets.

What Surprising Find does is thin your deck to a rather insane level, it's what you do to mitigate the decision to build a 50 card Mandy Thompson deck or if a lengthy campaign has stuffed your deck that was already using Astounding Revelation with half a dozen extra weaknesses and story cards.

The fact that you dont draw an extra card unless you hit it with a search effect is a real problem for this thing. It'd actually be somewhat playable if the Draw were'nt locked into the search.

So, outside of 50-card Mandy, stay away.

Tsuruki23 · 2037
I took it in "Parallel Skids" and it was great. He can't take "Astounding Revelation", but can trigger searches with Lockpicks and PMP. Incredible value, to play with much more than 3 Aces. — Susumu · 150
I meant of cource LCC (3) instead of Lockpicks, but they help for deep searches. — Susumu · 150

It's fine! Obviously, this is great for Mandy. And I dare say for a 40 card deck which I think is the best number for her.

I found that later in the scenario, I got no Research abilities, these replenish them, and basically with Easy Marks - 40 cards becomes 30, and aIso faster.

Don't judge it too harshly, so cards are made for certain characters. These are the ones for Miss Thompson.

ambiryan13 · 120
Or literally anyone else who searches their deck every turn. I haven't actually played them in Mandy yet, but any Seeker or secondary Seeker who goes deep on search will enjoy this card. — Death by Chocolate · 835
Agreed. Used this in Trish, it was awesome ;-) — NarkasisBroon · 1
If you find this using Practice Makes Perfect, does it get committed to that test? — PanicMoon · 2
No, PanicMoon, the text states that you commit it to THE NEXT TEST, so if you get it while performing a skill test, it will only be commited to the next one. — anjopec · 22