Alessandra Zorzi
  • Q: Can Alessandra Zorzi take Grizzled? A: Yes, Alessandra Zorzi can take Grizzled, because the word “parley” is physically printed on the card. (February 2024)
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Zoey Samaras
  • Q: If Zoey Samaras activates her "Before you reveal chaos tokens during an attack, remove 3 tokens from the chaos bag: This attack deals +1 damage. (Limit once per round.)" and then reacts with Nephthys "When 1 or more [bless] tokens would be removed from the chaos bag during a skill test: Seal them on Nephthys, instead.", have the removed tokens still been removed to satisfy the cost of Zoey? A: No. The ability on Nephthys replaces the removal of tokens from the chaos bag with sealing them; if you use it, you will not satisfy the cost on Parallel Zoey’s free triggered ability. (February 2024)
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Survival Technique
  • Q: Does a basic investigate count as a skill test on a location? A: Yes, an investigation test counts as a skill test on a location for Survival Technique. You cannot use the second ability on Survival Technique when taking a basic investigate action, as this is not considered a "skill test on a location." (February 2024)
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Caught Red-Handed
  • Q: Regarding Caught Red-Handed, Finn Edwards' signature weakness: "Ready each enemy at your location or a connecting location." Is there any choice involved? If yes, can I choose a connecting location without a monster at all even though I have an exhausted monster in my location? Since the wording doesn't have "must" I can choose an option that doesn't change a game state, right? Or conjunction "or" in this sentence actually means "and", and I need to ready all exhauster monster in my location AND all connecting? A: When you draw Caught Red-Handed, you check your location and each connecting location for enemies, choose a location from among them with at least one enemy, and ready each enemy in the chosen location (not every location). The only way you get around this is if there’s no enemies at your location or any connecting locations. (Rules Form, January 2024)
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  • Q: I have a question about Beguile, which is Alessandra Zorzi's signature event revealed earlier today. It's an event that attaches to an enemy, and then has the activated ability: "Parley. Either move attached enemy to a revealed connecting location, or perform a basic investigate or evade action at its location. If you fail a skill test while resolving this ability, discard Beguile. You may activate this ability from any location." My question is about the evade mode here. We are to "perform a basic evade action at [the attached enemy's] location". Normally, to perform a basic evade action, you must choose a valid target: an enemy engaged with you. However, it seems the main use case for Beguile is to evade remotely at other locations, where it's exceedingly unlikely for any enemies there to be engaged with you. So what exactly counts as a valid target for a Beguile evade? Can we pick any enemy at the attached enemy's location, including the attached enemy itself? If we can pick those enemies, are they considered to be "as if engaged", or are they simply valid targets by fiat? A: Any enemy at the attached enemy’s location is a valid target for Beguile’s Parley ability, including the attached enemy itself. (Rules Form, November 2023)

  • Q: As Alessandra Zorzi, when I resolve Beguile's Parley ability, would Well-Dressed gain if committed to an investigate or evade action? A: Yes. This action still counts as a parley for the purposes of card effects. (Feast of Hemlock Vale FAQ, February 2024)

  • Q: If I activate the ability on Beguile will I provoke attacks of opportunity if I choose to investigate? A: No. The ability on Beguile is one action that is multiple types simultaneously; it always has the “parley” action type in addition to its other types (activate/investigate/evade), so it never triggers attacks of opportunity. (FAQ v2.2, February 2024)

  • Q: If I have a copy of Beguile attached to an enemy at a different location than me, what happens if I choose to activate Beguile’s ability to perform an evade action there? A: If you choose to activate Beguile’s ability and evade, you can choose any enemy at the attached enemy’s location (including the attached enemy itself) and perform an evasion test against that enemy’s evade value. If you succeed, exhaust that enemy and disengage it from all investigators (and if you fail, discard that copy of Beguile per its ability). (FAQ v2.2, February 2024)

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