Bone-Filled Caverns
  • Q: If I am holding two copies of Magnifying Glass while investigating Bone-Filled Caverns, am I forced to discard one of them? If I am holding a Flamethrower while investigating Bone-Filled Cavern, am I forced to discard it? A: If you investigate Bone-Filled Cavern and have 2 hand slots filled with assets, you must discard assets until you have 1 or 0 hand slots filled instead. In the first example, you’d discard one Magnifying Glass; in the second, you’d discard the Flamethrower. (March 2024)
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The Silver Moth
  • Q: Imagine an investigator has The Silver Moth in play, occupying their 1 accessory slot. They attempt to play Holy Rosary. In the above situation, does the investigator ends up with both Holy Rosary and The Silver Moth in play? A: The Silver Moth’s ability prevents its bearer from playing any new items into their accessory slot, meaning they could not attempt to play Holy Rosary while they had The Silver Moth in play. (March 2024)
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Weeping Yurei
  • Q: If I'm fighting a ready Weeping Yurei, and I draw a token or token, its Forced ability makes it attack me, and then the elusive keyword makes it move away. What happens to the rest of the fight? A: If you attack the Weeping Yurei and then draw a token or token during that attack, the Yurei will attack you immediately (during Step 3 of the skill test), move, and exhaust; after which, you’ll finish resolving your attack and still deal damage to the Yurei even though it’s no longer at your location. (March 2024)

  • Q: I'm playing Agnes Baker and I draw a token during a skill test which forces Weeping Yurei to attack me, is Agnes' ability able to damage Weeping Yurei? A: Yes, if Agnes is attacking the Yurei, draws a token, and the Yurei makes its immediate attack, Agnes is able to use her reaction ability to damage the Yurei. (March 2024)

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On Your Own
  • Q: On Your Own and On Your Own are the same level, yet the latter has the Exceptional keyword. Can I upgrade the former into the latter version? A: Yes, you can upgrade the version of On Your Own without exceptional into the version with exceptional by spending 3 experience. (FAQ v2.2, February 2024)
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Shades of Suffering
  • ERRATUM: Shades of Suffering, Setup: Add the following after the fourth bullet point:
    • Gather each decoy mini-card and the Tzu San Niang mini-card and set them aside, out of play. - FAQ, v.2.2, February 2024
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