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Valentin1331 · 58213

Rex is often considered the best clue-getter in the game. Let me show you why.

Please don't forget to press the ♥ if you like the Deck and the work that has been put into making it :)

This deck only uses the Revised Core Set/2 Core Sets, Dunwich Investigator Expansion, and the Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion.


Credit: Cristi Balanescu


This deck displays the sheer strength of one of the investigators still considered today as one of the best cluever of the game.

Even if you are new to the game, I personally encourage you to play with the Taboo, meaning Milan and Rex's only once per turn, as it is enough to get silly results. Even like this, these 2 fellas are the best 'gator/ally in the world.

This Deck is part of a series of Decks created for the release of the Revised The Dunwich Legacy Campaign. Find the other Beginner Deck Guides for the other investigators here:

If you liked these Decks, please try the Carcosa Beginner Deck Series:

If you do not own The Edge of the Earth, an alternative only using the Revised Core and The Dunwich Legacy is available at the bottom in "Make your own Deck!"

Table of Content:

• Overview

• Main Strategy

• Investigating

• Scavenging

• Upgrade Path

• Make your own Deck!


Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

Enemy Management: ★★☆☆☆

Clue-getting: ★★★★★

Encounter protection: ★★★☆☆

Survivability: ★★☆☆☆

Economy: ★★★★☆

Card Drawing: ★★☆☆☆

Main Strategy:

Try to get the benefit from Rex every turn to get an extra clue and gain tempo to improve your chances of winning the game.

If there is an uneven amount of clues at your location, make use of Burglary or Seeking Answers to get the benefit and get the clue at your location still.


To make sure that you succeed by 2 or more at least once per turn, we are going to boost your .

With a Magnifying Glasses and Dr. Milan Christopher on the table, you are now investigating with a base of 6 . Use a Supply from your Flashlight and you are now at a virtual score of 8 !

For higher shroud locations, you can also commit some of your events to make sure that you always overcommit by at least 3.

If there is 1 clue at your location:

Use Burglary on your location. If you succeed by 2 or more, you will get 3 resources and the clue at your location.

Use Seeking Answers on a connecting location. If you succeed by 2 or more, you will get a clue at the connecting location and one at yours.

If there are 2 clues at your location:

You can do a basic **Investigate.** Action and hope to trigger your . Use your Flashlight to increase your chances.

You can also use Seeking Answers/Burglary and commit Deduction to find 2 clues at your location in case of success by 2 or more, and one clue at a connecting location.

If there are 3 clues or more at your location:

This is where you really shine, to get a lot of clues at one location, fast.

Early campaign, commit Deduction, use your .

Later in the campaign, you'll be able also to use your Deduction (2), Ice Picks (3), Divination (4) to empty locations at an unbeatable speed.


You can probably notice that there is 2 copies of Scavenging and not many targets besides the Flashlights. This is because your first upgrade is Ice Picks (3), which you can then recycle every time you succeed by 2 or more for an extra clue!

Note: You cannot scavenge the Ice Pick (3) at the same action as you throw it, so you need 2 of them:

• Play Ice Pick A

• Investigate. If you succeed, use the ability of the Ice Pick A and discard it to get an extra clue.

• If you succeeded by 2 or more, you can Scavenge Ice Pick B, which is in your discard pile.

• Play Ice Pick B

• Investigate. If you succeed, use the ability of the Ice Pick B and discard it to get an extra clue.

• If you succeeded by 2 or more, you scavenge Ice Pick A, which is in your discard pile.

•• As Scavenging exhausts, you can only do this twice per turn, but that's already sick.

As every Ice Pick (3) costs 1 resource, we add Crafty to our priority upgrades to pay for them. It turns out that it also pays for Insights, which is terrific because it's our main Event Trait.

Other Cards:

• "I've got a plan!": even though you will have a Damage Dealer by your side, sometimes it's good to be able to handle yourself for a little while.

Preposterous Sketches is here because Crafty will pay for it, and unfortunately, at this stage, it's your only Draw engine (besides your Signature Search for the Truth). Note that you do not want to Draw too often as it would mean that you also see your Weakness more often...

• Shortcut: You empty locations so fast that you may easily spend half of your actions moving, and it is that many lost actions. Shortcut is a cheap, and flexible way of moving around the board faster.

Ward of Protection is always excellent if it prevents you from putting a Doom on the Agenda or protects you from some nasty Treachery Cards, and you have enough Sanity to pay for it.

• The Skill Suite (except for Overpower) is here to save you from Tests you could have on Encounter Cards or help during some Scenario Tests like Parley.

Hyperawareness is a great way to spend your overflow of cash to either flee an enemy or succeed a hard test.

Upgrade Path:

Link to the 33xp Deck

• Magnifying Glass x2 Ice Pick (3) x2 - 6xp - Total 6xp

•• Ice Pick boosts your the same as the Magnifying Glass except that it can also be discarded for an extra clue, and Scavenged back!

• Seeking Answers Crafty x2 - 6xp - Total 12xp

•• Crafty will pay for your Ice Picks, your Flashlights, and most of your events, saving you some actions and resources!

• Guts x2 Divination (4) x2 - 8xp - Total 20xp

•• The acceleration power of Divination is insane, 3 clues in one action, 4 with your ...

• Manual Dexterity x2 Unearth the Ancients (2) x2 - 4xp - Total 24xp

•• With all these new Assets, the Deck can become a bit slow. Unearth the Ancients (2) allow you to get a clue (or 2 with your ) while playing some assets.

Hyperawareness x1 Hiking Boots x1 - 1xp - Total 25xp

•• As you empty locations at the speed of light, you will get a lot of free moves from these, as well as a nice boost for Encounter Tests.

• Shortcut x2 Join the Caravan x2 - 2xp - Total 27xp

•• A bit of a luxury update, but it takes you further and faster, so why not!

Inquiring Mind x2 Eon Chart (1) x2 - 2xp - Total 29

•• As investigating and moving is everything you do, why not a bit more of it? 2 resources against 2 actions is an excellent ratio.

• Deduction x2 Deduction (2) x2 - 4xp - Total 33xp

•• You can upgrade this one at any point, but Rex is so good already that it's not a priority.

Make your own Deck!:

• If you do not have The Edge of the Earth Investigator Box, you can look at this Deck, that only uses the Revised Core Set and Dunwich.

• If you are playing this Deck with only 1 collection and multiple of my pre-made Decks: BruiZ-oey, Clue Vacuuming Rex, True Ma-Jim or Pete and the Underdog, you can distribute the cards as follow:

•• Give Dr. Milan Christopher, Magnifying Glass to Rex Murphy

•• Give Scavenging and Ice Pick (3) to "Ashcan" Pete.

•• Give 1 copy of Prepared for the Worst to "Ashcan" Pete and Jenny Barnes as Zoey Samaras already has 4 weapons.

•• Give 1 copy of Jury-Rig to Jim Culver and 1 to "Ashcan" Pete.

•• Give 1 Ward of Protection to Rex Murphy and 1 to Jim Culver.

•• Give 2 Scout Ahead to Zoey Samaras and upgrade Jenny Barnes with The Red Clock earlier.

•• Give 2 Bruiser to "Ashcan" Pete and go for the Cyclopean Hammer for Zoey Samaras.

•• Give Divination to Jim Culver.


Mar 23, 2022 toothball · 70

It's great to see a classic investigator with a modern twist!

Mar 26, 2022 MLEE4 · 1

when do you bring "call for back up" in? What cards do you swap for them? I'm looking forward to running this investigator.

Mar 27, 2022 Valentin1331 · 58213

Hey @MLEE4, thanks for the question, and if you run this deck, please let me know how it goes!

Call for Backup is a luxury upgrade for the end of a campaign and I think that by this time you will "feel" what to take off, maybe "I've got a plan!" as your fighter will be able to handle themself. But also you will most likely not get that much XP if you run The Dunwich Legacy so don't think about it too much and just have fun!

@toothball thanks for the comment, I am releasing every TDL Investigator like this, I think a lot of new players are happy to have a little help to prepare some cool Decks :)

Mar 27, 2022 xoxoalexa · 13

I really appreciate this deck! I love that you're taking a fresh look at an older investigator to see how the new cards play with the old abilities. THANK YOU! <3

Mar 27, 2022 Valentin1331 · 58213

@xoxoalexa Thanks for the sweet message and please feel free to send some love to the Jim Deck I just published, The Zoey one, and stay tuned for the others to come in the coming days!

Mar 31, 2022 MLEE4 · 1

@Valentin1331 ran this deck last night through first two chapters of Dunwich....Rex is a clue WHORE!!!! It was awesome sucking up all those clues. We actually reset Chapter 1 once, because we were got smoked in the first couple "rooms" and we were unsure of how our decks ran and had a couple of new players with us. Super fun.
Why is upgrading to Ice pick good? The value of a +1 all the time (Mag) as opposed to 1 /turn (+1 exhaust Ice) seems way more powerful. Though if I can get scavenge out early I might have a better shot.

Mar 31, 2022 Valentin1331 · 58213

Hey @MLEE4, happy to see your enthusiasm, though I would have chosen a different adjective ahah

The true interest of the Ice Pick (3) is that if you succeed, you can discard it to get an extra clue/damage, which increases your tempo significantly. Your cruising speed will now be 3 clues per action once the puzzle pieces are into place.

Mar 31, 2022 MLEE4 · 1

I'm not seeing how I can get a extra clue each action. Discard ice, get clue, discard ice get clue, activate scav get back ice a...turn ends

Mar 31, 2022 MLEE4 · 1

I recant this last statement...didn't fully understand scavenge was a reaction when met doesn't cost turn

Apr 11, 2022 +DAGON+ · 1

and no one crack the case, greate

Apr 11, 2022 MLEE4 · 1

@+DAGON+ that is a really good card, but this build is based on Core/ revised core set, Dunwich, and Edge of the earth....that looks like a great to definitely add if you have the Circle Undone

Apr 28, 2022 MLEE4 · 1

Do you suggest anything from the entire collection to add to make Rex a better cloover?

Apr 28, 2022 Valentin1331 · 58213

@MLEE4 honestly that is a wide question, there are so many possibilities...

At a first glance, it seems like there's not much that wouldn't change the Deck and improve it tremendously. Maybe Occult Invocation instead "I've got a plan!".

Apr 29, 2022 MLEE4 · 1

Yeah I know... there are so many options...but I'm very much enjoying this deck build.

Jun 12, 2022 ngoctienvt · 1

I wonder why you don’t use Higher Education.

Jun 12, 2022 Valentin1331 · 58213

Hey @ngoctienvt, thanks for your comment. I personally think that Higher Education was too overpowered when introduced, therefore it's one of the cards that I think using taboo for is good (same as Rex himself and Dr. Milan Christopher), otherwise, these 3 cards can make the game a little too easy.

Also Drawing is one of Rex weak spots, so securing 5 cards and plus at all times can be a bit tricky.

That being said, feel free to introduce it for example before upgrading to Deduction (2).

Nov 07, 2022 Enviv · 1

what if i didnt have free 2 Shortcut for him is there any replacement?

Nov 09, 2022 +DAGON+ · 1

"I wonder why you don’t use Higher Education." - indeed

Dec 26, 2022 screamingabdab · 91

Ariadnes Twine + Eon Chart (3) really push the brokenness of Rex in multilayer. Infinitely using Eon Chart for free Move & Investigate each round is great.

Dec 26, 2022 Valentin1331 · 58213

@screamingabdab It definitely is! Especially as these basic investigations can still be used for Ice Pick (3) and benefit from Rex's .

I haven't added it to this deck because Dunwich does not have enough a lot of XP

Dec 27, 2022 screamingabdab · 91

@Valentin1331 fair enough :) we've all experienced that problem. I recently played Rex for the first time and just found that his ability is so good that anything giving you additional actions is kind of all you need.

Feb 10, 2023 Warmasterbjj · 1

Awesome, thank you for your meticulous work. I'm just getting back into the game, having stop at Forgotten age. I'll get myself a copy of Edge of the earth and give it a shot. I'll also try your Jenny Barnes deck from the same serie. Merci encore de la ville de Québec :)

Jun 05, 2023 sedlak87 · 1

Where is the vacuum cleaner on the picture :((((

Oct 28, 2023 Azriel · 1

It might be a stupid question, but i don't understand why you can't get back the ice pick(3) you used on the test. Ice pick is "if you succeed", and Scavenging is "after you succeed", so by the time you use the reaction on Scavenging, the action should be fully resolved, and your ice pick in your discard. What am i missing ?

Oct 28, 2023 Azriel · 1

Never mind, found my answer !

"After you succeed" is actually the step where you determine success, which is Step 6 of a test. This is where you use Scavenging.

"If you succeed" is actually a result of the success, which is Step 7. This is where you discard your ice pick, which is too late for Scavenging.

Dec 20, 2023 Ninjal · 1

Hello everybody ! I'm new in the game and I take the risk to ask a stupid question, sorry in advance : I noticed that we must use 1xp point if we change a card for another with not the same title when upgrading. But in the Upgrade Path below Valentin don't use this rule for calculating the number of XP used. Thank you very much in advance. Good games to all from France

Dec 20, 2023 Valentin1331 · 58213

Hey @Ninjal, it is often me making mistakes in upgrade paths. Tell me where the issue is exactly and I can help better.

But basically, when replacing a 2 copies of a 0xp card by 2 copies of a 2xp card, you pay 4xp (2*2), no matter the name of these cards.

The only case when it is different is when upgrading a card that already costs xp. For instance:

Dec 20, 2023 Ninjal · 1

Thank you very much Valentin1331for your quick answer. You're true and I misunderstood the rule. I guessed that when you changed a card for another with a different title, you had to pay 1xp to change the card and then the xp point of the new card ... It's a good news for me because winning a campaign is enough difficult like it is ... Many thanks for publishing this deck (and the others) ! I'll use your deckbuilding soon !

Apr 08, 2024 zxc33445566 · 1

Excellent deck! I'll try it next time I play