Willpower: 4. Intellect: 3. Combat: 3. Agility: 2.
Health: 7. Sanity: 8.

Traktuj modyfikator na odkrytych przez ciebie żetonach jako "0."

Ilekroć odkryjesz żeton , możesz zdecydować, że traktujesz go jako żeton .

Efekt : +1.

"O nie, wcale nie są ciche. Umarlaki robią się dość hałaśliwe, kiedy im zagram."
Magali Villeneuve
Dziedzictwo Dunwich #4.
Jim Culver

Jim Culver - Back


Rozmiar talii: 30.

Opcje tworzenia talii: Karty Mistyka () o poziomie 0-5, karty neutralne o poziomie 0-5, do pięciu kart o poziomie 0 z dowolnej innej klasy.

Wymogi tworzenia talii (nie wliczane do wielkości talii): Trąbka Jima, Ostateczna rapsodia, 1 losowa podstawowa słabość.

Od dnia, w którym sięgnął po trąbkę ojca, jazz był dla Jimma tylko utrapieniem. Instrument po wewnętrznej stronie miał jakiś napis, w którym było coś dziwnego i nieziemskiego, ale dźwięki były gładkie i czarne jak dobra kawa. Dzięki tej trąbce zagrał wiele koncertów. Dobra passa skończyła się jednak, kiedy wdowa Jenkins wstała na własnym pogrzebie, żeby zatańczyć do muzyki Jimma. Po czymś takim ciężko znaleźć później pracę. Od tamtej pory Jimm wie znacznie więcej na temat jazzu i na temat tego, o czym rozmawiają cmentarne ghoule w zimne jesienne noce. Ostatnio mówią o Końcu, jakby chodziło o koniec wszelkiego istnienia. Ostateczna rapsodia. Jimmowi nieszczególnie podoba się ten pomysł.
Jim Culver
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Only treat the modifier on skull tokens as 0, not the whole token. It's still a skull token, so any additional effects (from the scenario reference card, Spells, etc.) trigger.

  • Erratum: Jim Culver's Deckbuilding Options should read: "... up to five other level 0 cards from any other classes (, , , and/or )." - FAQ, v.1.5, April 2019

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One of my favorite Investigators, if a bit of a sleeper compared to other Mystic investigators.

While Jim Culver has the basics of a good Mystic Investigator, he does not have the longevity of his spells like Akachi or the Sheer Willpower and low health enemy removal as Agnes. Nor does he have the potential of controlling Doom and using it to his benefit like Marie Lambeau. However, how he plays is something more subtle, with the ability to use the Skull token at a constant "0" value in most scenarios. This ability it still pretty powerful for balancing the Chaos Bag in your favor. (Note though you will still have to deal with the effects of what the skull token brings for scenario and even on player cards).

Being a Dunwich investigator as well, he has access up to five out-of-class level 0 cards. This means you have a bit of flexibility of building out Jim how you see fit. This makes him very good in terms of playing him as a strong solo investigator but also an investigator that can slot in well in multiplayer as a support character. And one other benefit is that he has one more health compared to Agnes and Akachi, which does make him more survivable.

A downside to the jazz player is his low agility and having one less willpower compared to Agnes and Akachi. However this is made up with Mystics having ways to buff their already amazing willpower and spells that cover their stats. And while his Intellect and Fight is at three, he is still going to struggle with hardier enemies and high shroud locations without the spells.

If you are looking for an investigator who is provides an interesting challenge to deckbuilding but has a large degree of both reliability and versatility, Jim Culver is your main man.

Jim is frequently under-estimated, and for two main reasons:

  1. Most people play on Standard, where his special ability is not as important.
  2. People miss the single most important thing to know about Jim!

The single most important thing to know about Jim is that the particulars about his character make Grotesque Statue super powerful. There are 3 key reasons for this:

  • Jim can use Scavenging to pull Grotesque Statues Back
  • The fact that =0 shifts the mathematics of the chaos bag in such a way that you are extremely likely to prevail when you get two draws. In fact, since =0, you are very likely to prevail by 2 or more, and since Grotesque Statue goes to your discard pile immediately, you can actually use a Grotesque Statue pull to get a Grotesque Statue back!
  • Double the draws means double the chances for tokens. This is less important now with Carcosa out, but earlier it was very important to get to activate Jewel of Aureolus. Now, with Uncage the Soul, this is less important.

Once Jim gets a statue, he is essentially (invincible) [arkhamdb.com

FBones · 13518
"Now, with Uncage the Soul, this is less important."...could you explain this statement a bit? — KillerShrike · 1
KillerShrike: If I may speak for FBones, I think he's suggesting that triggering Jewel of Aureolus was previously really important for the sake of Jim's economy, but now that Uncage the Soul exists, Jim's economy doesn't need the help as much. — CaiusDrewart · 2507
I think the suggested Grotesque Statue + Scavenging build is super clever, but it's also slow and XP-intensive. Other investigators can be more effective at less expense. Overall I can't say that Jim's special ability is good. Compared to what other investigators get, getting better results (often only slightly better) on 2 or 3 tokens is not much. — CaiusDrewart · 2507

Jim’s weakness, Final Rhapsody, used to be a rough setback. Now, with the Innsmouth Conspiracy, you can mitigate it. Fill the bag with blessings and curses, draw five tokens, and take much less damage than before.

There’s not much else to say, except that Jim’s Trumpet scales well with more players. More players means more tokens, with four people out it’s likely that you’ll trigger every turn, especially if you bring Olive McBride on the road.

MrGoldbee · 1104

I've just recently started a 2 gator playthrough of Cirle Undone with Jim. I'll have a deck list to come soon but at the moment it has gone well using the sealing cards as well as Defiance to mitigate the bag in Jim's favor. Most every test so far as long as I can at least match the test value has gone my way. I feel like sealing mechanic may have jumped up Jim's power level by quite a bit.

How'd it go? — MrGoldbee · 1104