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Przedmiot. Narzędzie. Biała.

Cost: 1. XP: 1.
Test Icons:


Wyczerp Szpikulec do lodu podczas testu umiejętności dla walki lub badania: do tego testu dostajesz +1 do wartości umiejętności.

Tiziano Baracchi
Na krawędzi Ziemi - Rozszerzenie badaczy #105.
Szpikulec do lodu
  • Ice Pick (3) Na krawędzi Ziemi - Rozszerzenie badaczy #107
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: I would like you to clarify for me the term 'using' [This question came in French, was responded to via Google Translate, and addresses multiple different cards. See: Boxing Gloves, Ice Pick, Spirit Athame, Counterspell - Frank]. For example, if I exhaust Ice Pick during an attack on a Conglomeration of Spheres, do I have to discard Ice Pick? A: No, you do not need to discard Ice Pick when attacking Conglomeration of Spheres. The ability on Conglomeration of Spheres refers to a card used to initiate an attack, like the Fight ability on Machete—Ice Pick does not have this.
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Decent card for "Ashcan" Pete when he's just using Duke, I'd think...and the upgrade is even better. Both cheap, recurrable from Resourceful or Scavenging, and helps him do what he already does, be a useful bum! :)

Krysmopompas · 344
While nice to also heal horror, you don’t need horror on her to use her ability. — Django · 4741
Sry wrong card, previous comment is for heavy furs — Django · 4741