Wróg. Osłabienie

Potwór. Ponadwymiarowa.

Fight: 5. Health: 2. Evade: 5.
Damage: 3. Horror: –.

Zagrożenie. Ukryta. Łowca.

Odkrycie - Dodaj tego wroga w tajemnicy do twojej ręki.

Dopóki ten wróg znajduje się na twojej ręce, możesz z nim walczyć lub się mu wymykać (tak jakby znajdował się w twojej lokalizacji). Jeśli test zakończy się sukcesem, odrzuć go z twojej ręki. Jeśli test zakończy się porażką, rozstaw tego wroga w zwarciu z tobą.

Wymuszony - Kiedy twoja talia się wyczerpie, jeśli ten wróg znajduje się na twojej ręce: atakuje cię (z twojej ręki).

Ben Zweifel
Pożeracze Snów #17.
Obserwator z innego wymiaru
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • "As If": This was added to the FAQ (v.1.7, March 2020) and then amended (v.1.8, October 2020). You can read the October ruling on the ArkhamDB rules page here. (I'm adding a hyperlink rather than retyping the rules in case in future the ruling is changed or amended - at that point, the rules page will be updated and all ArkhamDB FAQ entries will link to the correct ruling.)
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This has very quickly become my favorite investigator specific weakness in the game.

The Watcher looks incredibly menacing. 5 fight? 5 evade?! Poor Patrice only has 2 and 2 , how is she somehow supposed to not fail a test against it? Worse, if she does fail, it'll chase her the entire scenario unless she somehow manages to hit it for 2 damage.

The Watcher has two main routes through which it threatens you while it's in your hand. Firstly, it will clog up your hand, dropping Patrice's precious 5 cards per turn to 4. Second, it will hit you for 3 damage every time you cycle your deck. So your options are to either A. deal with the Watcher to free up your hand and eliminate the threat or B. leave it in your hand and tank the damage when it comes. I've found that option A is much better than option B, but it is perfectly possible you draw this card really late and have no answer in the moment, so we'll go over various ways you can either successfully toss this guy aside or tank the damage.

Here are some of the ways I've found you can most easily deal with the Watcher:

  • Fight: Patrice has several methods of fighting at her disposal. You can stack using Holy Rosary and David Renfield, then use a Shrivelling or Wither attack, ideally boosted considerably with cards (depending on your difficulty). Alternatively you could use Fire Axe, which, with 3 resources and a bit of combat boosting, can easily push you where you need to be to hit this thing. Remember, you don't actually need to hit it for 2 damage while it's in your hand, you just need to hit it. I like Shrivelling and Axe also because they do allow you to hit for 2 damage should you fail the first test.
  • Evade: As above, you can stack and use Mists of R'lyeh to evade. Patrice also has solid access to boosts being a Survivor class investigator. Peter Sylvestre, Track Shoes, and plenty of solid cards like Waylay, Dumb Luck, Survival Instinct 2, and (for multiplayer) Hiding Spot. I particularly like Survival Instinct 2 as a method of evading both Watcher and any other enemies at your location.

(For both of these options you could also take the relevant cat from Miss Doyle. Hope lets you evade at base 5 while Zeal lets you fight at base 5 ).

  • Tanking: Sometimes you just don't have time to respond to the Watcher. In this scenario, it is important that you planned ahead and brought some means of soaking damage. David Renfield, Madame Labranche, and Leather Coat can all soak 2 for you, and as long as you played them when they showed up, you've got nothing to worry about damage wise.

A quick note about Stray Cat, Cunning Distraction, and automatic evade/fight. Currently the ruling based on Harbinger of Valusia is that automatic evasion/fighting does not count as successful since there was no test done. Matt Newman however did recently suggest that you could evade the Watcher using Stray Cat, though it's not clear that this is meant to say it discards the Watcher. For now, until the ruling is made clear, I will be playing as if these cards do not discard the Watcher. Recently the starter decklists from FFG were published implying that Stray Cat can discard the Watcher for you. As a result I highly recommend using automatic evades as a means to discard The Watcher. jk they just changed that again. It is now clear that automatic evade is different from automatic success. In the former case, no test is made so it wouldn't discard the Watcher, in the latter a test is made and automatically succeeds, which does discard the Watcher.

The last thing you need to know about the Watcher is that you want it dealt with as early as possible. The reason for this is because of Patrice's effect: "+1. After this test ends, you may shuffle all but 1 card from your discard pile into your deck." What this means is that you want Patrice to continue taking as many tests as she can just for the opportunities to draw the token. Once she does, you can leave Watcher in your discard and reshuffle everything else into your deck, thereby preventing it from clogging up your hand for several more turns. You could elect to use Olive McBride to find it more reliably, though I personally don't think it's necessary unless you want to do a seal based support Patrice.

StyxTBeuford · 12524
Technically the rules of peril prevent you from having other players help while it is being drawn or while the card is resolving. Neither of those cover you taking the attack action or an evade action - which are resolving actions (or possibly triggered or constant abilities on cards). If it had the action printed on the card - such as “Action: Take a FIGHT or EVADE action against the Watcher as if it were at your location, etc” then it would be clearly in the middle of resolving the card when you took the test. Otherwise it is like saying that a peril card with ‘revelatation - choose a stat, everyone takes -2 to that stat this turn” would prevent anyone from committing cards to your (or anyone’s?) that-stat tests this round. — Death by Chocolate · 913
Hmm, I wonder why it even has peril in that case? — StyxTBeuford · 12524
Well, for one thing, ALL hidden cards printed so far have the peril keyword as well. But it may be intended to prevent help on the tests as well. — Death by Chocolate · 913
Peril prevents Diana's signature card from countering it and maybe others that have not been released yet. — Django · 3684
Regarding Stray Cat, this was added to section 2.9 of the FAQ in version 1.7: — CSerpent · 99
"If an ability “automatically evades” 1 or more enemies, this is not the same as automatically succeeding at an evasion attempt. As per the entry on “Evade” in the Rules Reference, if an ability automatically evades 1 or more enemies, no skill test is made for the evasion attempt whatsoever. Consequentially, because no skill test is made, it is not considered a “successful” evasion. The investigator simply follows the steps for evading an enemy (exhausting it and breaking its engagement)." — CSerpent · 99
Yup, that was very literally just addressed in the last FAQ, but right before then it was heavily implied Stray Cat works. Now it doesn't again. — StyxTBeuford · 12524
How does this work in multiplayer? Will the Watcher stay hidden even if engaged with Patrice and can other group members help out to deal with it? — Nezuminotabi · 3
Reading through the rules again it looks like "hidden" is a keyword only used in combination with hand cards, so I presume no change to any normal enemy if the Watcher gets on the board :/ — Nezuminotabi · 3
Hidden has no effect on anything once its on the board. — StyxTBeuford · 12524
Guys, small question here. — ambiryan13 · 129
Can this monster be evaded via fire extinguisher, but with it's secondary effect? — ambiryan13 · 129
Survival instinct lvl 2 has the same thing, although it doesn't work as well with Patrice. — ambiryan13 · 129
Both of those cards have "enemies engaged with you" and I think the monster is not considered to be engaged with you. — ambiryan13 · 129

To make it super clear, I'll ask this question for confirmation:

If Patrice draws this card during upkeep, she can choose to go first in the next Investigator phase. If she has 3 actions for her turn, she can spend action 1 to try to fight/evade the Watcher in her hand. If she succeeds, the Watcher is discarded. If she fails the test, then it enters play engaged with her. She can choose to do nothing for her last 2 actions. Then, the fighter of the group can kill the Watcher. Right?

If that's the case, then this weakness seems fairly manageable. If successful, it only costs Patrice one action and maybe some resources or a charge or a card to deal with the Watch. If not successful, then it loses Patrice a turn. Not the most terrifying, but definitely something to plan for considering it can do 3 damage during the enemy phase.

VanyelAshke · 155
This enemy only attack Patrice by Forced ability when it's in hand (check hidden keyword). I think, the main penalty is to decrease the actural hand size. — elkeinkrad · 195
If you fail, then it's a normal enemy that your fighter can probably take care of with a single (difficult) fight action, but which can attack you as normal, yeah. If you don't attempt it it won't attack you until your deck runs out of cards, as elkeinkrad said, so most of the time you also have a turn or two you can just let it clog up your hand if necessary. — Thatwasademo · 39
I would advise making any attempts against it with your last action of the turn, too -- since hidden enemies aren't considered engaged / in your threat area unlike hidden treacheries, you can do whatever you want with your first two actions and not have to skip them like you suggested. — Thatwasademo · 39
Well failing and then not following up for 2 actions means you’re spending at least 4 actions dealing with it, which is pretty costly. But I’ve found Patrice with a few commits and a Fire Axe can easily take care of this. Fire Axe works great as you can use the Axe’s ability and then follow up with a 2 damage attack boosted by cards only. — StyxTBeuford · 12524