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XP: 2.
Test Icons:

Jeśli ten test umiejętności zakończy się sukcesem podczas wymykania się, wymykający się badacz może natychmiast uniknąć wszystkich pozostałych wrogów będących z nim w zwarciu I może poruszyć się do połączonej lokalizacji.

David Nash
Bezwymiarowe i Niewidzialne #235.
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FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • The clause "may immediately evade each other enemy" gives you the choice whether or not to evade "each other enemy", but doesn't allow you to pick and choose which to evade [modified quotation based on Matt's original email, quoted on Survival Instinct (level 0)]
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I am a bit biased towards investigator cards with cool artwork, so pardon me if i present Survival Instinct a cut above the general opinion.

Considerations about the value of this card are found under the basic version of Survival Instinct(0).

The cost of 2xp have to be put into relation to the additional effect that the upgraded version gives you.

And the differences in Survival Instinct(2) are outstanding! A second Agility icon was added, and the skill text has changed to "evade" from "disengage". In particular, this invalidates every disadvantage i reviewed in the skill's basic version. Now it is resembles a cheaper version of Cunning Distraction, which is limited to all enemies engaged to a specific investigator, as in contrast to all enemies at one location.


  • Adds 2 Agility icons to a skill test. It can, of course, also be committed to a non-evasion skill test.
  • The evading investigator evades his/her enemies, they are exhausted, Hunters can't move in the same turn.
  • You can now combo it with other cards: Sneak Attack, Close Call, Pickpocketing.
Synisill · 777

This Survival Instinct is absolutely awesome. Evade a whole bunch of enemies - and because it's Evade and not Disengage you might stand a chance of getting away from them - and move too!

In particular (Spoiler ahead) in The Devourer Below, it's a fantastic way of getting past the cultists from the Midnight Masks. Walk up, evade one of them - and you're home free, as they're not hunters. You still won't win, but by heck it helps.

Also, 2 icons - excellent.

I'm almost certain this will be an automatic choice for Agility based survivors. It's like Cunning Distraction, only affordable.

AndyB · 916