Zapomniana córka

Atut. Sprzymierzeniec


Cost: 5. XP: 1.

Health: 1. Sanity: 4.

Kiedy wróg cię zaatakuje, wyczerp Aquinnah i daj jej 1 punkt przerażenia: zadaj obrażenia od tego wroga innemu wrogowi w twojej lokalizacji zamiast sobie (nadal otrzymujesz punkty przerażenia z tego ataku).

"Nie lękaj się tego, co widzisz. Obawiaj się tego, czego zobaczyć nie możesz."
Tommy Arnold
Podstawka #82.


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Sweet Aquinnah, i always wanted to welcome you and embrace you as a friend when embarking on a new campaign. You look absolutely gorgeous in your black dress and the neckband! Besides, you are so familiar with horrors of all kind, i really would side with you against the tides of darkness.... if you were not such a self-opinionated person!

Only the loneliest hermit would scrape together the sum to buy your company. Even then, you would not raise a finger to help your fellow in affliction, you would rather soothe him with eloquent words. Don't lose heart! Only in moments of utmost importance you are willing to bundle your mental powers to mesmerize a foe and make it attack one of his kind. Alas, most people disdain your laziness, yes, but me, myself, i would love to tease out your ability! Several times i tried, but you hoodwinked me all the time.

The basic version of Aquinnah(1) requires two or more enemies present at your location to trigger in the Enemy phase (Step 3.3). Furthermore, only the damage is redirected to another target, the horror still has to be dealt with. It's logical that enemies who inflict high damage also inflict high horror, so the investigator who uses Aquinnah has to take massive horror from the redirected slash. If the redirected slash does not suffice to kill the second enemy, the investigator has to take damage and horror from that second enemy's attack, too, if ready and engaged.

Since the experienced Aquinnah(3) has been released, i would recommend to buy the basic version only in case you plan to upgrade her and do not have the 3xp to spend in one go.


  • On it's own, Aquinnah comes with some good sanity and can always be used as an expensive sanity shield.
  • If done right, Aquinnah can kill one enemy in the Enemy phase before it can attack.
  • The redirected attack can target any (other-than-the-beater) enemy at that location, also an Aloof or otherwise engaged enemy.
  • Activated as a reaction. You don't lose an action, you only pay for it upfront by playing Aquinnah.
  • Does work on any type of attacking enemy, including Elite and Massive.
  • Could be combined with "If it bleeds..." and Evidence!. It was your ally's skill that killed the creature, is not that true?


  • High install cost.
  • Occupies the Ally slot. So many other sweethearts give you more versatile bonuses.
  • Aquinnah has very low health.
  • Very difficult to find a situation where the reaction gets triggered.
  • Ability does not work on spoiler.
Synisill · 790
When upgraded Aquinnah teams up with Ashcan Pete, Aquinnah's ability can trigger twice — Heyenzzz · 6592
Though, there is no Fast window between each enemy attacks unless you get a test, There is only one after hunter enemies move. So no triggering twice between multiple attacks. To use Pete's ready ability with Aquinnah, you would have to make Aquinnah play inside Investigation phase (perhaps by asking for attack with AoO) or Mythos phase if it cause enemies to make immediate attack. — 5argon · 8147

Four years on and Synisill's review is still all relevant in almost all cases, but there are two new investigators that can squeeze a little extra use out of poor, poor Aquinnah.

It takes some luck or surgical card draw, but Aquinnah can turn off Patrice Hathaway's signature weakness. The Watcher from Another Dimension is an enemy that attacks you, it just does it from your hand; thus, she can reflect the 3 damage onto an enemy at your location. The significant caveat is that you'd have to save up the whopping 5 resources and have it available during the window when she flies through your hand to play her. You'd also likely need some form of deck manipulation to make sure your deck runs out only when there's an enemy at your location, or else the reflect fails and you still take the hit. Her expensive upgrade makes her $1 cheaper, but her upgraded ability is a bit wasted because you can't reflect it back at the Watcher itself. You may fight or evade the Watcher as though it were at your location, but it's not actually at your location for other effects, such as Aquinnah's ; it's still considered to be in your hand.

More relevant is new kid on the block Daniela Reyes, whose entire schtick is goading enemy attacks. She synergizes with Counterpunch, Toe to Toe, Fend Off and the Bangle of Jinxes. Useful for dealing with enemies you don't want to engage, like the Innsmouth spoiler or Innsmouth spoiler, or enemies that are just plain annoying like everyone's favorite bird. Of course, she's still $5 and still competes for a slot against the perennially useful Peter Sylvestre, but there's always Charisma and Calling in Favors.

CombStranger · 248
Even on Daniela, I'd jump straight to the L3 version 9 times out of 10. Requiring two enemies is just too situational even for her most of the time for this resource cost. — suika · 9280