Gambit. Sztuczka.

Cost: 2. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Szybka. Zagraj, kiedy nie-Elitarny wróg zostaje rozstawiony w twojej lokalizacji.

Dany wróg atakuje cię. Następnie automatycznie wymknij się danemu wrogowi i dołącz do niego Odparcie ataku.

Wróg, do którego dołączono tę kartę, nie może zostać przygotowany.

Robert Laskey
Na krawędzi Ziemi - Rozszerzenie badaczy #82.
Odparcie ataku

Handcuffs is a good comparison.


  • Takes no actions.
  • Works on enemies other than Humanoids.
  • Testless.


  • Doesn't turn off Mysterious Chanting or other similar cards.
  • You pay for it in health and/or sanity. Some enemies are worse than others in this regard.
  • Costs 3 more XP

I think the summary would be that Handcuffs is a fairly specific tech card against scenarios with a lot of doom enemies that can be useful in other situations, while Fend Off is a bit more generically good. I'm personally pretty excited for this one. All or Nothing Skids can also take it!

Zinjanthropus · 222
Your forgetting that unlike handcuffs, this works on non-humanoids. Notably, Your Worst Nightmare and Patrices Watcher From Another Dimension can be permanently disabled for an entire mission. — Thornstromb · 62
The first bullet point should clarify that this card takes no action while Handcufs takes TWO actions. One to play the card, one to use its ability. — Killbray · 8357

Firstly, this is not intended to be an in depth review of the card. I think the other current review of this card does a pretty good job covering when this card is good and when it isn't.

No, my aim is more specific: i think this card shines when used to counter any enemy weakness. Some investigators have nasty enemy weaknesses that can pack a punch or are extremely resilient:

These are mere examples though. The silver lining is that you can cycle your deck while these remain in play completely harmless. You can (for instance) fend off a Guardian of the Crystallizer from your Trish player and let them carry it around for nefarious purposes. If your Mandy keeps reviving their enemy weaknesses you can pin them on the board so they can do their seeker things even better.

All in all, i think it's a great card to make your deck safer and you shouldn't underestimate it.

Trickster · 596
I don't think, it's that great with the Watcher. If Patrice draws "Fend Off" earlier than the Watcher, she can't play it. And if she draws the Watcher really early in the deck cycle and "Fend ff" among the last cards, she will have a smaller hand for half a game,which hurts, too.. — Susumu · 315
I think this card doesn't wort well in a Patrice deck, because the weather will be discarded if you successfully evade. So you need the watcher and fend off in your hand and then you take an attack to discard the watcher — Tharzax · 1
I would add, that this is also not a very good option for dealing with Hoods. Because of the forced attack they will attack Rita twice just to be put on ice. For the same amount of XP and twice the resource you can have your bow which you don't need to save up for your weakness. — SgtWinter · 16