Atut. Ciało

Przedmiot. Pancerz.

Cost: 2.

Health: 2. Sanity: –.

Po tym, jak podczas wykonywanego przez ciebie testu umiejętności odkryjesz żeton chaosu z symbolem innym niż , zadaj 1 obrażenie Ciężkiemu futru: anuluj dany żeton chaosu i odłóż go z powrotem do worka. Odkryj nowy żeton chaosu.

Tiziano Baracchi
Na krawędzi Ziemi - Rozszerzenie badaczy #126.
Ciężkie futro


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The synergy with Lonnie Ritter is too good not to be mentioned:

This basically reads: Spend 1 resource: Heal 1 horror and cancel one non- chaos token

Note that you can trigger this effect even if Lonnie Ritter has all her sanity.

  1. If you plan on using your and have access to cards, this combo is too good to ignore.

  2. This is also the best Horror Management engine for low willpower such as Finn, Winifred.

  3. This is especially strong if you play Hard/Expert as the symbol tokens are so punishing there.

Edit 21/04/22: Now that I've used this card in more different ways, I can identify at least 2 other niches for this card:

  1.  A (Silas or Yorick) that plays Baseball Bat and Old Hunting Rifle and want to prevent the from hitting the table. Add Nightmare Bauble and/or Eucatastrophe and you'll never see your weapons leave play.

  2.  Bless Decks such as Yorick and Tommy (that can also somehow both abuse this card by replaying it infinitely) to simply trigger another Draw Token Step every time you hit a symbol token, hopefully triggering your Ancient Covenant.

Valentin1331 · 59360
While nice to also heal horror, you don’t need horror on her to use her ability. — Django · 4963
Remember that the chaos token you cancel has to have a symbol on it, so you cannot cancel the -8. — dscarpac · 753
Carolyn can execute this trick essentially for free. — GeneralXy · 37
How are numbers not symbols? Is this explained in the rule book? — spoonman2084 · 1
It looks like the rules treat it as impicitly given: there are numbers and there are symbols. See @Precient, for examle: you're instructed to pick “odd”, “even” or “symbol”. Obviously, “odds” and “evens” describe numbers while the term “symbol” excludes them. — Eugene of Sarnath · 43
Baseball Bat into OHR is about the best possible weapon progression for Parallel Pete, so he now wants these furs too. — HanoverFist · 685

A limited use Lucky Dice in a much less contested slot at 0xp, and gives health soak too.

This one is great. Seekers would love the uncontested body slot and health soak that they lack in-faction. The ability to cancel bad tokens is also incredible for a 0xp card. Special tokens can spawn enemies, drop clues, and add doom, being able to cancel them twice is insane value. Did I mention that it's only 0xp?

It's not an autoinclude. But it's a silver bullet for many decks that lacked health soak at low levels. And it's value increases further with anything that can heal it: Lonnie Ritter, Call for Backup, and Forbidden Tome.

Edit: It's also an additional cancel for Diana.

suika · 9296
I agree. This card is flying a little under the radar imo, but it's quite solid for a 0 XP neutral. If you have health issues you're happy to see it, and if you don't it's still plenty usable, paying 2 resources to redraw two non-autofail tokens in the future is not bad at all. And notably it doesn't exhaust so you can redraw twice if needed on a single test. You can also repair it with Lonnie Ritter, essentially paying 1 resource to heal and horror and redraw a future token whenever you want. That's pretty solid. — Soul_Turtle · 424
Interesting combo with Forbidden tome (Dark knowledge) as you can then move the damage to an enemy to heal Heavy furs. Probably in a Harvey or Daisy deck with Abigail Foreman. — AlexP · 244
And as a cancel for Diana is it legal to place this card beneath Diana after deal the 2nd dmg but before this card would go into discard pile? — Joannes · 1

"Non- symbol" mean things like , , , , , , , , ... and not any numbers. I believe you cannot re-roll numbers.

Unexpectedly handy for Jim Culver for fishing out . Didn't do probability math but 2 resets on Standard with Jim feels like it reliably allows you to pass test that you are equal or 1 higher as needed. Similar feeling to having Lucky! ready on hand but need to wear it first.

5argon · 8251
Not very thematic for a Jazz musican, but maybe you can imagine that it's one of those racoon coats that were popular in the 20s.... — LivefromBenefitSt · 1030
Also considering that Jim can play scavenging :) — Valentin1331 · 59360

Seems like it would be good in...

Mark Harrigan who gets cards for his cards taking damage

Tommy Muldoon which gives him 2 free rerolls at the cost of an action to play the fur in the first place

Diana Stanley counts as an ignore for her ability. 2 rerolls for net cost of 1 action and 1 resource. Not bad compared to Grotesque Statue which costs 2 exp.

Dexter Drake it's an asset that he can cycle in for only 1r but can only use it once if he wants to replace it with something else.

Minh Thi Phan and Patrice Hathaway might want it to deal with their signature weaknessess.

fates · 49