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Odkrycie - Umieść Panikę w grze, w twoim obszarze zagrożenia.

Panika może zostać wyleczona tak, jakby była pojedynczym punktem przerażenia na twojej karcie badacza (jeśli została wyleczona, odrzuć ją).

Wymuszony - Po tym, jak wykonasz akcję zagrania karty, wejścia w zwarcie lub dobrania zasobów: do końca tury nie możesz wykonywać żadnej z tych akcji.

Felicia Cano
Na krawędzi Ziemi - Rozszerzenie badaczy #132.


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Is... Is that Taylor Swift in the art?

As much as I like Panic, Stupor, and Arm/Leg Injury from a mechanics perspective, they feel both flavorful and balanced, I feel like running an all soak no healing style deck hamstrings anyone that happens to pull one of these as a random weakness.

Barring something like Doomed or Offer You Cannot Refuse or maybe Through the Gates hitting something important, I feel like most basic weaknesses can be dealt with by anyone... even if it's devastating to the bearer (like Drawing the Sign with Harvey Walters or Paranoia in a big money deck). Harvey probably isn't happy to see Drawing the Sign pop out, but he can still toss it and move on rebuilding his hand. But if you happen to be running someone like Tommy Muldoon relying almost entirely on asset soak instead of healing getting one of these weaknesses cripples you from the moment you draw it to the end of that scenario. In my opinion how you feel about these weaknesses entirely depends on what kind of deck you're playing when you get them. Getting Panic or Stupor in a Carolyn deck probably doesn't bother you (I assume that since you can heal it as if it was horror it would still trigger her ability) as you can just treat it as "Miss a draw, take 1 fake horror, and maybe have to restructure your next turn or two if you're unlucky" but a soak heavy no healing Tommy deck likely has to pick up a new card to compensate for the newfound gaping wound in their arm, leg, or psyche.

Thematically these weaknesses are very flavorful and mechanically interesting, I just wouldn't want to be stuck in the middle of the Antarctic without a Medical Student or First Aid kit. Peter Sylvestre and Jessica Hyde just have to sit there and watch you bleed and panic since the "horror" or "damage" is on you, not them.

NorainJS · 57
I think it depends on the weakness and your job. A cluer with mag class probably won’t care about arm injury, as he neither attacks nor activates something. But for a fighter this is a big problem — Django · 4963
Definitely feel like these weaknesses needed a super inefficient way to remove them without healing. 'Archetype hate' really doesn't jell with the weakness system and every time someone drew one of these who wasn't ready for it they just had a bad time. — dezzmont · 203
1xp healing options are fairly plentiful at this point, and the good thing about healing is that most heal cards target any investigator at your location so you only need 1 person to pick up healing if you get a bad injury. — Zerogrim · 287
Healing access very much depends on class (and player count), in a 2p Rogue/Survivor you'll not find very many reliable healing options (Bandages really aren't), to say nothing of true solo. — suika · 9296
Wait, but Survivor's got like, Spirit of Humanity, innit? That heals, and Rogue can definitely mitigate curses some. Oh, and now they've got Earthly Serenity, too-- Granted, yeah, they still require two actions to get it done — Flamy · 6
Spirit of Humanity heals the Survivor. To heal the Rogue, Earthly Serenity's the only way, and as you say it's a fairly expensive option at that. — suika · 9296
The rogue can Adaptable in Smoking Pipe or Painkillers for these weaknesses. — Death by Chocolate · 1388
Yes, but it's a reliability issue. The more players there are, the more likely someone has a heal and the weakness will be short-lived. The fewer the players and the worse the healing options there are, the longer these weaknesses will stay out. — suika · 9296

Rule clarification of Play Action. This action is used for putting down Asset or Event type card from your hand paying its cost. But "Cards with the "fast" keyword are not played by using this action."

So you can always "play" fast Event like Lucky! in tests or "play" fast Asset like Switchblade :

  • Without triggering the Forced clause.
  • Even after playing regular Event or regular Asset cards which triggered the Forced clause.

(Dissonant Voices is different, it did not say "play action". You can't play Lucky! or Switchblade in that case.)

5argon · 8251
What about Easy Mark? Can I play more than one copy? — neversummer · 1