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Odkrycie - Umieść Uraz ręki w grze, w twoim obszarze zagrożenia.

Uraz ręki może zostać wyleczony tak, jakby był pojedynczym obrażeniem na twojej karcie badacza (jeśli został wyleczony, odrzuć go).

Wymuszony - Po tym, jak wykonasz akcję walki lub aktywacji: do końca tury nie możesz wykonywać żadnej z tych akcji.

Robert Laskey
Na krawędzi Ziemi - Rozszerzenie badaczy #130.
Uraz ręki


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This weakness is worse than it first appears, and definitely the worst of the 4 new EOtE weaknesses.

It prevents you from taking more than one action of either "fight" or "activate" each turn. That doesn't seem so bad... until you realize that A LOT of things are "activate".

In fact, any action, printed on any card, with a , is an "activate" action, on top of its descriptor, if any. This includes, for example :

-most "resign" on locations or agendas / acts

-most weapons

-most clueing tools (fingerprint kit, lockpicks...)

-most spell assets (for fighting, clueing, evading...)

-some investigator specific abilities, like Preston Fairmont cashing in his inheritance and Lily Chen's Disciplines

-most "parlay" on enemies or bystanders

-a lot of special actions on locations that are mandatory to advance a scenario

This card car thoroughly mess with your planning, especially in low player counts / solo when you realize that you can't grab the last 2 clues with your spell then resign because they're both "activate"... The fact that weaknesses are added to a deck after it is completed only makes it worse : some decks can heal damage easily, while others will have no healing whatsoever.

DrOGM · 22