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Atut. Mistyczna


Cost: 4. XP: 4.


Zbadany. Zużywalny (4 linie geomantyczne). Limit 1 na talię.

: Porusz 1 linię geomantyczną z tego atutu na dowolnego badacza.

: Wybierz dowolnego badacza z linią geomantyczną. Dany badacz dobiera 1 kartę i leczy 1 obrażenie lub 1 punkt przerażenia. Możesz usunąć daną linię geomantyczną, aby zamiast tego dobrał 2 karty i wyleczył 2 obrażenia lub 2 punkty przerażenia.

Anna Mohrbacher
Na krawędzi Ziemi - Rozszerzenie badaczy #44.
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This card seems to be absolutely bonkers for Carolyn Fern.

Compared to most other Heal cards, Archive of Conduits do not need you to be at any other Investigator's location, to place the leyline or to heal. The card does not exhaust and does not use Supplies or Charges

Even if you pull the on Rotting Remains, Carolyn Fern will turn it into +3 cards and +3 resources for you no matter where you are on the map.

You shouldn't be afraid To Fight the Black Wind anymore, as removing leylines provide a boost in heal that will make it hard for it to trigger a Doom on the Agenda. Just pack some No Stone Unturned/Eureka! to trigger it when there is no enemy in play or even a Pendant of the Queen to evade enemies in case your Damage dealer failed to kill it during their round.

Good combos:

Forbidden Knowledge: 1 action = 2 resources + 1 card.

Spirit of Humanity: 1 action = 2 , 1 card, 1 resource (+ 1 resource if you place the horror on Peter Sylvestre that will heal at the end of the round).

Toe to Toe for auto damage and the possibility to heal yourself for card and money.

TL;DR This card makes most other Heal cards obsolete for her.

Valentin1331 · 59353
It's really good in Carolyn! But since it's Limit 1 per deck and there is an action tax (although Close the Circle works on it!), Carolyn still wants to pack a good number more healing cards, especially the ones that don't cost an action. — dscarpac · 753
Can you give your recommendations on other healing cards to add? — Valentin1331 · 59353
I gave some recs on Carolyn's page, but to me to make this card work you need another way to deal with Carolyn's weakness. This plus Hypnotic Therapy will solve the weakness in two actions (over two turns), but it's just two cards in a whole deck, so I think you need Peter Sylvester and Ancient Stone, and maybe First Aid (3) if you need to heal Allies, or Liquid Courage if you're going for a Synergy deck. But with the card draw this card gives you don't need to go overkill with healing; maybe 5-7 cards total. — dscarpac · 753
Question: Can the owner of the Archive of Conduits card place a leyline on themselves? Like if Carolyn owns the card, can Carolyn place a leyline on herself? — EmmeBGG · 13
@EmmeBGG Yes, the owner can target themselves. If this was not intended the ability would say "another investigator". — MiskatonicFrosh · 337
If Carolyn uses this to draw a card and it's To Fight the Black Wind, does it negate the Horror you would take from it and therefore not add any Doom that round? What's the timing on that? — glockenspeel · 1