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Brama do Tindalos

Atut. Mistyczna


Cost: 4. XP: 4.


Zbadany. Zużywalny (4 linie geomantyczne). Limit 1 na talię.

: Porusz 1 linię geomantyczną z tego atutu na dowolnego nie-Elitarnego wroga.

: Wybierz dowolnego badacza oraz wroga z linią geomantyczną znajdującego się w odkrytej lokalizacji. Dany badacz porusza się do danej lokalizacji. Możesz usunąć daną linię geomantyczną, aby zadać 1 obrażenie danemu wrogowi.

Anna Mohrbacher
Na krawędzi Ziemi - Rozszerzenie badaczy #41.
Księga połączeń


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TL;DR: Dont buy this card unless you know the campaign and have a good plan for how to use it.

The Tindalos version of the Archive of Conduits is one of the two researched conduits that target enemies with their leylines, the other being the Aldebaran conduit. Let's have a closer look at this card, which I have dubbed "put a leash on your fighter" (melody: "Toss a coin to your Witcher"):

The conduits are different yet all themed around leylines and movement. The Tindalos conduit let you put a leyline on a non-elite enemy as a action and teleport a party member to that monster as a action. If you used the regular action, you may remove the leyline to deal one damage to the tagged enemy. Or you can leave the leyline and just keep teleporting your poor friends into the clutches of an angry murder bird.

The Good

  • You can more safely split the party and still have a fighter on tap. A (non-elite) monster spawned on the mystic? One leyline, one action, POP, the fighter is there to help. You can also gather the team around an (non-elite) enemy.
  • Test less damage is always great. Good for zapping annoying aloof 1 hit point avian fiends or doomy cultists. Or to simply reduce that 3 hit points enemy to something that can be killed with a single slash from a 2-damage weapon.
  • It's a great way to counter enemies that spawn far away from investigators. That's a small subset of enemies, but cultists often like to plot in peace. Better hope they spawn on a revealed location and not inside the train engine on the other side of the map...
  • You, the seeker, can kill off a baddie simply by ramming an investigator into it multiple times. It's not the best use of an expensive asset and your entire turn, but it's fun!

The Bad

  • This card is less useful for the Seeker paying for it. Let's say something nasty spawns on you, and you want to teleport in a buddy. You'll need to place a leyline on that enemy, activate the teleport action, take an attack of opportunity and, voila, here's your bodyguard. But the enemy is still there, up in your face you and it won’t go away until the fighter can kill it on their turn.
  • Too conditional to be used as a way of transport. There are a few possibilities (leaving an evaded non-hunter enemy alive close to the temple exit), but those are often clunky.

The Ugly

  • Non-elite enemies and revealed locations only. That's harsh, especially the non-elite clause. There are scenarios where this card has very few, even no decent targets. To be fair, there's scenarios where the card is great too, but even more where enemies will spawn on unrevealed locations, the map is small, the group is travelling together or where you're running away from monsters - not toward them.

In summary the Tindalos Conduit is awful in some campaigns and kinda okay in other. If you can make the teleport work for you, saving movement actions is so valuable that even this card can shine. It's better in larger groups and just plain bad in solo, better on larger maps but often redundant on small maps. A Researched 4 xp, 4 resources asset should be more universally useful than this - yet here we are.

olahren · 3149
Some investigator could benefit of this asset due to their weaknesses especially if this is an enemie like zoes — Tharzax · 1
If you leave some handcuffed enemies behind or use some new spoiled cards with a similar effect you can use them to teleport around. Though there’s an archive that lets you teleport like that already… — Django · 4963