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Atut. Ręka

Przedmiot. Księga. Okultyzm.

Cost: 2.


Limit 1 na talię. Jako dodatkowy koszt zagrania tego atutu, umieść po 1 żetonie zasobu na 4 różnych lokalizacjach jako linie geomantyczne.

Po tym, jak z sukcesem zbadasz lokalizację, na której znajduje się linia geomantyczna, wyczerp ten atut: porusz daną linię geomantyczną na ten atut. Następnie, jeśli znajdują się na nim 4 linie geomantyczne, odrzuć ten atut, weź je jako zasoby i zanotuj w Dzienniku kampanii, że „zlokalizowaliście przejście”.

Anna Mohrbacher
Na krawędzi Ziemi - Rozszerzenie badaczy #33.
Księga połączeń


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Archive of Conduits reads: "As an additional cost to play this asset, place 1 resource on 4 different locations, as leylines". Do these 4 resources come from your own pool or from the general token pool? A: The resources used as leylines for Archive of Conduits should be taken from the general token pool.
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Carolyn Fern can take this card as well as Archive of Conduits: Gateway to Paradise, this would be absolutely amazing with Shrewd Analysis. Pairs nicely with my Ancient Stones what an absolutely perfect combo that nothing could ruin.

What? Read the it again? Well if you insist... Oh... Oh no... "Limit 1 per deck." Well at least she can still take the one copy. Now Carolyn, much like my own therapist, can continue to offer her therapeutic services while maintaining proper social distancing guidelines. She even offers jazzercize lessons if your physical health is deteriorating instead of your mental health. She'll even give you her a card.

Assuming you're going nuts with removing the leylines, over the course of 5 actions, (1 to play 4 to burn the leylines), you net 8 damage/horror healing and 8 cards for 4-0 resources (Carolyn's reaction makes 1 resource every time you use it to heal horror.) Of course you also get to spread the healing and card draw around if you've got friends in dire places. I personally would rather run this over Safeguard and Solemn Vow when I'm playing medic so I can wander off to grab clues instead of babysitting the low sanity fighter all the time.

NorainJS · 57
This doesn't pair with Shrewd Analysis at all. It's limit 1 per deck XD — adran06 · 19

Does the additional cost of 4 leylines have to be paid from the investigator's resource pool (making this effectively cost 6)? Or is the reference to 'cost' because it cannot be played if there are less than 4 locations in play?

Hydra · 6
No. You're not moving resources from your resource pool to place them (this is often specified explicitly). It just costs 2. — toastsushi · 68
Yes, it has to be paid by the investigator, because it's an "additional cost". Any cost must be paid by the investigator and not by other game elements. Please note that the identified versions of this asset use charges, which is different from putting resources on an asset as a cost. The section "cost" of the rules establishes that "Only the controller of a card or ability may pay its costs" and that "If a cost requires a game element that is not in play, the player paying the cost may only use game elements that are in his or her game areas (such as his or her hand or deck) to pay the cost". So, yeah, it costs 6, but you get 4 back after you identify the gateway. Regarding your second question, you can only play it if there are 4 locations, because it requires 4 locations. In any case, even if you could play it with less locations, it wouldn't make any sense, because it would be impossible to identify the gateway. — plabrito · 1
No, you're not paying cash. You're placing resource tokens from the pool. If they wanted you to pay 4 additional resources, it would say "as an additional cost to play this card, you must /pay/ 4 additional resources, placing them as..." The additional cost is just to make sure that you play the card fair and square, rather than putting it into play via any of a number of cheats. — Lailah · 1

While this card fits well with the seeker from the same expansion (and by “seeker” I mean Monterey Jack, since he’s the one who can take the upgrades, plus he will be moving around all the time), it is an even better fit with Ursula Downs. I think the synergy is simply perfect, since the Archive encourages you to move and successfully investigate once a turn. And what does Ursula do? She gets a actionless investigate after moving, once a turn. Not every scenario will have 4 locations in play during the first or sometimes even second act. By the time the necessary number of locations are put into play, the clues on the initial locations will be gone, and you would not want to return there to investigate empty locations. Since the Archive is only 1 per deck, you may not find it quickly enough, before the Mythos starts putting the real pressure on you. Ursula’s free investigate helps you ease out the pain in all of the above situations.

Fedorwin · 11

Doubt: Do I need to "record in the campaign log" to upgrade? The upgraded versions don't specify it. But they have the "researched" text, and I don't find reference to that in faqs or anywhere (maybe I dunno where to look). Thanks!

EDIT: Found it, I was looking in the Edge campaign guide, and it is in the Investigator's :)

Laerthes · 1
To help others with this question: Researched is a new keyword version of the "unidentified"/"untranslated" mechanic. A card with Researched can only be included in a deck by upgrading from a lower level version, and only if you or another investigator in the campaign has written something in your campaign log using an ability found on that lower level version. — Thatwasademo · 53
(so, in this case, as you would expect, since Archive of Conduits (Unidentified) allows you to record that "you have identified the gateway", in order to get any of the level 4 versions of the card you must have "you have identified the gateway" recorded. It doesn't matter who does it. — Thatwasademo · 53
What happens if you play this card when there are less than 4 locations in play? Would you just place as many as you can, or would you just place 4 total regardless of the number of locations? For example, playing this first turn during The Gathering. — Kaerazy · 2
That's an additional cost so you don't play this asset and don't place leylines and don't spend resources. — Logas Riod · 1
I assume you can investigate a location with no clues? — CitizenKeen · 8
Yes, locations with no clues CAN be investigated. — pugy · 1