Bomb dog Duke and Pyro Pete

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techoatmeal · 14

Adventures of "Pyro" Pete

Okay folks, let me tell you about a guy named Pete. This fella had a tough life, worked as a dog trainer and explosives handler at a munitions factory with his trusty sidekick Duke. But when the factory shut down, Pete found himself in a real tight spot, like a stick of dynamite without a fuse.

He turned to the seedy underbelly of the city to make some quick cash and got mixed up with a gang of bootleggers. Things went from bad to worse, and Pete was soon caught up in their violent world of illegal dealings.

One day, Pete was tasked with transporting a crate of what he thought was alcohol, but his trusty pooch Duke signaled something wasn't right. Turns out the crate was rigged with explosives!

Pete knew he was in over his head and stashed the explosives away for his own plan. After the ordeal, Pete earned himself the nickname "Ashcan". He knew life would never be the same and was drawn to the excitement and adventure that came with danger.

So he hit the road, ready to face whatever challenges came his way with a glint in his eye and a sense of adventure in his heart. Who knows what kind of trouble he'll get into next, but with Pete, you can bet it's gonna be one wild ride!

The main gimmick at 0xp

At 0xp, this deck is focused on recurring Dynamite Blast with Scrounge for Supplies. Play Improvised Shield to soak up the damage from the blast. Alternatively you can evade - Use duke to move and investigate - then throw dynamite in connecting location. This is all very expensive, so save up with Emergency Cache and plan to fail a few investigations with Take Heart to pull off more than one explosion. The rest of the "play from graveyard" cards are for pitching to ready either Duke, Pocket Multi Tool, or Track Shoes.

Upgrade options and more gimmicks

To stay in theme - upgrade Makeshift Trap with Improved Timer, Simple, and Explosive Device. Most enemies will be spawning on top of you so it is more important to be able to play it and have it go off in the same turn. Use Refine to get to the ED as quickly as possible. You would either be hiding behind a trashcan lid or evading and moving out of the location before the explosives go off so I don't plan on upgrading to either Remote Detonation, poison, or Net (but you totally can because both options can come in handy). The character of the deck would rather spend the next XP on Pocket Multi Tool for better investigating/Evading and Spring Loading.

You can keep Dynamite Blast, Refine, and Gravedigger's Shovel in the deck, but I would consider trading it out for a small exile package of 3 or 4 cards towards the end of the campaign (and Déjà Vu if you want to upgrade to these early): A Test of Will or A Test of Will Fortune or Fate Stroke of Luck

If you have the extra XP then you could upgrade Survival Instinct to Expeditious Retreat rather than Survival Instinct because more icons (you don't have to tho.. ER is getting dusty in storage).

This is actually a flex deck

Gravedigger's Shovel is for the rare occasions that you have to bury some rats and Duke was already used to investigate but is mostly there for the reprieve of testing for clues. Track Shoes can be combined with Duke's investigate ability to get just a bit further into the map and can also be a less stressful test to fail for Rabbit's Foot reaction ability.

Professor William Webb could be used for shovel recursion, but I found his ability to syphon clues off of connecting locations handy in more situations - don't tell him, but he is actually here for sanity soak.