Cost: 1.


Wymykanie. Jeśli test zakończy się sukcesem, a wróg jest nie-Elitarny, wymknij się mu i porusz go do połączonej lokalizacji.

Rafał Hrynkiewicz
Dziedzictwo Dunwich #34.
Przynęta z zamianą


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When playing alone, this card isn't very effective, as it costs an action and the enemy still need to be dealt with, later. However when playing with 2+ investigators, use this card to "push" enemies to the monster killer, so he doesn't need to move to it.

What's even better, push an enemy to another one and let your guardian Dynamite Blast them.

Django · 4963
The Dynamite Blast was exactly what I was thinking, though I do believe it has its uses in solo play. For example, suppose you have a monster in a central location like the Miskatonic Quad in Extracurricular Activites scenario. Pushing the creature out of the location is beneficial since you have to return to the location several times throughout the scenario. — FractalMind · 36
Like it in Casino Always Wins - nothing like feeding mobsters to the monsters. Well timed BAS can also throw enemies to lost cars in Essex County Express. Generally stacking non-hunter enemies in some unused location isn't bad. (Forgotten age seems promote evade aproach) . Unless next Agenda will state: "All enemies of given type gain hunter keyword " — theczarek · 2

Not as bad as it looks.

Compare to the effect of Mists of R'leh, where you Evade a monster then move to an adjacent space -- except it's the monster that moves. This gets you a neat turn of action compression if you're trying to stay out of the hair of a hunter, and allows you to do things like punt the baddie towards Mark and his Flamethrower.

It's also likely to set you up for a relatively clean turn of investigating the space you are on. Upgrades pretty neatly into Close Call (though, hilariously appropriate for the suit, that card is not quite as good as failing the check with upgraded Dumb Luck).

I agree... the effect is pretty good, but I really wish it gave you at least a +1 boost to your attempt. — Hylianpuffball · 26

Serving exhausted enemy to the fighter is great, since they can spend 3 actions to deal with it with Retaliate off, no friendly fire, and not having to worry about Enemy Phase damage. Or 2 actions and move away to avoid engagement, then you can again choose who to engage by moving in first.

However it grants no bonus. It was difficult when using with 3 investigator like "Ashcan" Pete. Peter Sylvestre in the same expansion box would be the enabler of this card.

5argon · 8251