Strength in Minhbers

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Emmental · 79

Strength in numbers is with your permanents, with full Synergy package. Add your , your signature and a couple of Grisly Totem and you can give 9 to anyone on the map.

Investigate with Grim Memoir.

Pocket Telescope is really helpfull borderline broked on some scenarios. There is a great review i advice you to read if your are not convinced of the card.

Predator or Prey is some kind of silver bullet. Keep one Resourceful in order to grab it from your discard when needed, giving your team free moves or breathing space.

In campaign mode, add Dream Diary (i prefer the Dram of a Madman upgrade in order to be safe when an unexpected ennemy shows up) and use The Raven Quill for one extra hand slot. The Quill will hold one Grim memoir and siphon secrets from Schoffner's Catalogue.

Aim for early Dr. Milan Christopher and Scavenging, they will give you resources and action economy. Ideally you play all your item from your discard.

Note that Sleuth can pay for your tomes, but also for Raven Quill (not limited to assets like Schoffner) or Grisly Totem.

Played in Expert Innsmouth in 2 player (Tony was the main fighter), managing to hit for 6 damage with Sawed-Off Shotgun when drawing a -8 from chaos bag (thanks Strength in Numbers) was nice. Also Grim memoir (+Mystic Vane on Raven Quill) ensures oversuccess for scavenging or Empirical Hypothesis even on expert.


Sep 27, 2023 Wittebaard · 281

I don't know if this impacts much, but Relic Hunter doesn't count as a class for Strength in Numbers. However it's been discussed that your investigator card actually counts as "under your control", so that would balance out your strategy again.

Sep 28, 2023 Emmental · 79

@Wittebaard I didn't count Relic Hunter. You have 1 for Strength in Numbers itself, so it's 3 icons with (Minh) and (Short Supply). It's already a better Unexpected Courage, and if you play all your multiclass assets you will have 3 more icons () for a total of 6.