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Valentin1331 · 47491

With an Axe and a Chainsaw, LumberWill Chops Enemies Down. With Careful Preparation and a Memento, LumberWill Finds Clues.

Screenshot-2023-08-11-at-18-16-06.png Credit: Results for Hipster Investigator on Google Image


I always liked the idea of the Chainsaw but never could find a home for it, which was a shame because it's definitely S-Tier for theme and fun. So after having it as a card of the day on the Mythos Busters discord, it was time for me to accept the challenge and try it out. The results were beyond expectations with my 4th Yorick deck!

Following the success of the 20k Series and the 30k Series, the 40k Series will display the last decks of the series, which I hope everyone enjoyed!

Click here to see all the previous decks. I will keep releasing a new standalone-ready deck concept every week on Friday, so stay tuned and keep supporting the Series by pressing the button if you want to see more!

Table of Contents:
  • Overview

  • Main Strategy

  • "Enemies are like trees. Better chopped in pieces than standing in your way."

  • Out in the Woods with Nothing but a Memento and Your Pup

  • A Good Logger is a Smart Logger

  • Other Cards

  • Upgrade Path

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
Enemy Management: ★★★★☆
Clue-getting: ★★★☆☆
Encounter protection: ★★★☆☆
Survivability: ★★★★★
Economy: ★★★☆☆
Card Drawing: ★★★☆☆

Main Strategy:

"Enemies are like trees. Better chopped in pieces than standing in your way."
  • Fell your enemies with your 2 favourite logging tools: Runic Axe and Chainsaw.

    • Runic Axe is your backup weapon, it does an excellent job as a support and can sometimes last a whole game without any issues.

    • Don't forget that you can spend 2 charges in one fight action to get both the boost and the damage, or if you only need to deal one damage, only spend a charge for the boost. Well Prepared will eventually save a lot of charges.

    • But the real juice comes with the Chainsaw, that you can cycle on enemies with Yorick's ability.

    • If you use your last supply on an enemy, replace the Chainsaw with a Runic Axe from your discard pile or your hand. If this triggers an AoO, the Guard Dog is here for this.

    • If you run out of supplies mid-fight, the best case scenario is to finish the enemy with Act of Desperation to recycle the Chainsaw on the same test or let the Guard Dog finish the work. If not enough, play a Runic Axe and tank the AoO.

  • You don't always have to fight against enemies. If you only need to deal one damage and can afford it, a move action will trigger an attack of opportunity on your dogs which can finish the enemy or save a precious Chainsaw supply.

Overall, it takes a bit of juggling, but with a hard mulligan for a weapon, Prepared for the Worst or At a Crossroads, and Short Supply having high chances of placing a weapon in your discard pile, you should be able to get one on the board early and then Emergency Cache and Schoffner's Catalogue finance your cycling.

Out in the Woods with Nothing but a Memento and Your Pup:

The life of a LumberWill can sometimes feel lonely, so what's better than a pupper to stray from the path with?

  • Guard Dog plays many roles in this deck:

    • Free engage actions

    • Damage/Horror soak

    • Aggressive tempo acceleration for the final damage

  • To supplement the dog, we opt for a Precious Memento that heals damage upon big successes.

    • Thanks to Well Prepared, the deck will oversucceed regularly, giving you a free damage heal per turn.

    • If you need to, you can always load the Memento and cycle it with your ability, though it is better to do this with the dogs.

You may ask: "Why not use the one that heals the horror instead?"

  • The reason is that Plucky (3) and Guard Dog will also absorb a little bit of horror, and you don't want to deal more than one damage at a time on the Guard Dog or lose your Plucky (3) to a single damage. Furthermore, it is far cheaper to spam your to recycle Plucky (3) than Guard Dog.

A Good Logger is a Smart Logger:

Because the game is a race against the clock, being able to scoop clues when there are no enemies can really make a difference.

  • Well Prepared can target both Precious Memento or Plucky (3) for 2 times +2 each turn.

  • Plucky (3) will give you a static boost, bringing you to 3 skill values, and offers you the possibility to sink some extra resources if you can afford it.

    • The deck will feel low on resources at the start, but especially with Act of Desperation, it is easy to reach 10+ resources by half-game.

    • The situation can change rapidly, so always keep some resource security and some secrets on a Schoffner's Catalogue if you need to recycle a weapon or a Guard Dog, as they are pricy.

  • Don't forget Lucky!, which will also save you a few failed investigations here and there.

Other Cards:
  • I already spoke about Schoffner's Catalogue, and they are an auto-include in William Yorick. They cycle with his ability and pay for the weapon cycling.

  • Short Supply is a consistency enabler. Adding some assets in the discard pile makes Yorick's ability interesting from turn 1.

  • Ever Vigilant is just pure value because there are many assets. It brings both tempo and resources, which are the 2 most important things early in the game.

  • Live and Learn is a good one-of for the ideal situation when:

    • You fail the Chainsaw, get either the supply back or the damage, based on what you need most (probably the first), and do the test again to succeed. It's a feel-good card that is situational but should happen more or less every game.
  • Daring and Overpower are essential in the deck, especially at the beginning when you do not have Well Prepared on the table yet. The draw is also helpful for finding your good cards.

  • Vicious Blow can save a supply/charge on your weapons or even at the very beginning of a scenario, help you fist fight to play your first weapon from your discard pile.

  • Take Heart comes because with 2 bases , it is relatively easy to fail a test, and both cards and resources are crucial in the early game.


  • A second Chainsaw is of course the next purchase for this deck.

  • Backpack (2) is the obvious and insane, especially in Yorick, replacement for Prepared for the Worst.

  • Emergency Cache (3) offers the possibility to refuel the Chainsaw directly! This will give your Schoffner's Catalogue a breather and give you more space to play other assets from your discard pile.

  • Eucatastrophe is a great way to leverage Yorick's ridiculous . Wait for the or start a basic investigation, pick a -2 or worse, get a clue and any card from your discard pile.

  • Upgrading the Runic Axe with Saga to replenish 2 charges each turn will heavily increase the consistency of the last remaining copy of Runic Axe. Inscription of the Elders is another really good option to get a few clues over the course of a game.

  • Salvage is a better Resourceful in this deck.

    • Setting up a weapon as early as possible is your main concern, and this card will increase consistency by getting one directly, removing from the game one that is in your discard pile to pay for one in your hand or to get a Schoffner's Catalogue out of your discard pile to pay a weapon in your hand.

    • A side use is during the late game to get resources out of a weapon that will not be used anymore and place them into Plucky to get clues or pass tests.

  • Overpower (2) will help with getting more cards out of your deck, and Vicious Blow (2) will save a few supplies/charges/tempo here and there.

  • A Charisma can help having 2 dogs on the table. It's a bit overkill, but if you're having too much xp...

  • Another option is Scrapper, which will enable you to spend your resources on all 4 skills.

Upgrade Path:

Link to the 0xp deck

 Cost  Total
   In the Thick of It  →  Ever Vigilant 1 XP 1 XP
   In the Thick of It  →  At a Crossroads 1 XP 2 XP
   In the Thick of It  →  At a Crossroads 1 XP 3 XP
Core Upgrades 3 XP
   Guard Dog    Guard Dog •• 2 XP 5 XP
   Guard Dog    Guard Dog •• 2 XP 7 XP
   Cherished Keepsake  →  Plucky ••• 3 XP 10 XP
   Cherished Keepsake  →  Precious Memento •••• 4 XP 14 XP
   Enchanted Blade  →  Chainsaw •••• 4 XP 18 XP
   Enchanted Blade  →  Well Prepared •• 2 XP 20 XP
   Live and Learn  →  Well Prepared •• 2 XP 22 XP
   Runic Axe  →  Chainsaw •••• 4 XP 26 XP
   Prepared for the Worst  →  Backpack •• 2 XP 28 XP
Consistency Upgrades 28 XP
   Emergency Cache    Emergency Cache ••• 3 XP 31 XP
   Act of Desperation  →  Emergency Cache ••• 3 XP 34 XP
   Runic Axe    ☑☑☑ Saga 3 XP 37 XP
   Lucky!  →  Eucatastrophe ••• 3 XP 40 XP
   Lucky!  →  Eucatastrophe ••• 3 XP 43 XP
   Resourceful  →  Salvage •• 2 XP 45 XP
   Resourceful  →  Salvage •• 2 XP 47 XP
Luxury Upgrades 47 XP
   Overpower    Overpower •• 2 XP 49 XP
   Overpower    Overpower •• 2 XP 51 XP
   Vicious Blow    Vicious Blow •• 2 XP 53 XP
   Runic Axe    ☑ Inscription of the Elders 1 XP 54 XP
    →  Scrapper ••• 4 XP 58 XP
    →  Charisma ••• 3 XP 61 XP

(View at

Link to the full xp deck

To create your own guides, find the template I have created here


Aug 12, 2023 stones.matthew · 1

Fantastic work as always! Looking forward the rest of the 40k series!

Aug 12, 2023 HungryColquhoun · 1041

A clever deck as always! I like Well Prepared combo-ing with Precious Memento for clue finding and/or big boosts with Chainsaw, it's a really nice touch. I've always wanted to make a Chainsaw deck as well but have never thought of a good way to go about it - this looks like a great implementation to me.

Aug 13, 2023 mattastrophic · 2873

Needs a second chainsaw so you can make jokes about juggling them.

Aug 17, 2023 Fitzz · 821

Nice deck! Well Prepared feels to really merge all the pieces together. With that base, I was thinking on the possibility of making the deck a bit more flex as a variant, with the addition of Winging It (works well with Short Supply) and perhaps pushing the idea further by changing Guard Dog with Professor William Webb (+2 and synergic ability).

Also, the classic Baseball Bat seems to like Well Prepared (and Heavy Furs would be a nice lumberjack coat!)

Aug 21, 2023 subzerojo · 278

On the weekend, we were just talking about the idea of well prepared and precious memento within my group, and then I see this! Great deck, Chainsaw, Plucky and Memento are great well prepared targets. There's actually quite a few ways to build Precious Memento and Well Prepared, but I think you've got a very strong one, albeit with a lumberjack theme :D

Aug 23, 2023 fen · 3

Hey Valentin, thank you for this series. It's excellent and has some of my favourite decks in it. I was hoping that you might consider adding a section to the decks for starting without In the Thick of It? I know it's a really powerful card, but I'd love to have the option to run these decks without it and 3xp behind at times. I'm not confident enough in AH deckbuilding to work out what would be the replacements in some of these decks.