Spell. Blessed. Cursed.

Cost: 0. XP: 5.
Test Icons:

Either (choose one):

- Add X tokens to the chaos bag to add X tokens to the chaos bag.

- Remove X and X tokens from the chaos bag to heal X total horror from among cards at your location.

Adam S. Doyle
Into the Maelstrom #308.
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Fill the bag. Empty the bag. Whatever strikes your fancy. Anybody running either and/or mechanics will love this. Especially in multiplayers where the player count tends to churn through tokens fast, "sanding off" tokens and preventing the really big play, like a Hallow.

It's a spell, so even if nobody is running the / mechanics you can set yourself up for a combo using Word of Command or Lucid Dreaming to do a "Heal 10 horror", which is straight up amazing.

In my opinion one of the most interesting places for this is Carolyn Fern, who can run both Hallow and Rite of Equilibrium, although you might want to do this with some curse usage or management in the team.

Tsuruki23 · 2014
Of course she can also run "Tempt Fate". Given that card exist, I wonder if you ever want to choose the first option. It would be spending 5 XP, an action and a card just for removing the restriction of X=3. But the second option looks good on her. In a 4 player game, she can potentially give one resource to everybody, if all investigators gather up at a location. — Susumu · 130