Monster. Ooze. Elite.

Fight: X. Health: –. Evade: –.
Damage: 2. Horror: 2.

Massive. Retaliate.

X is the amount of damage on Vulnerable Heart.

Vulnerable Heart cannot be evaded and cannot make attacks of opportunity.

Vulnerable Heart cannot have more than 15 damage on it. All excess damage is canceled.

Guillaume Ducos
Śluz, który pożarł wszystko #43. Śluz, który pożarł wszystko #30.
Vulnerable Heart
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: There's an old ruling that says if you use Mind Wipe on Swamp Leech and attempt to evade it, the evade value of '-' is treated as 0. If another card, like Sharpshooter or Delilah O'Rourke, references the evade value of something with a '-', like Swamp Leech or Vulnerable Heart, is it treated as 0 for those purposes as well? Or is the ability just unable to fire? What about investigating the Hidden Tunnel in City of the Elder Things (for something like Searching for Izzie, Call of the Unknown, or Buried Secrets)? A: After re-examining these cards and the direction our game has taken, we are going to override the previous ruling. Even if Swamp Leech were blanked with Mind Wipe, its Evade value would still be a “-“, which can be thought of as “null” or a “non-number.” You could not use this non-number as the basis for a skill test with Sharpshooter. It’s, as you said, unable to fire. This also means that you could not investigate at Hidden Tunnel.
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