XXI Świat
Podróż dobiegła końca



Cost: 3. XP: 3.

Jeśli masz na ręce 8 lub więcej kart, wyczerp XXI Świat: dobierz 1 kartę.

Kiedy rozpoczyna się gra, jeśli XXI Świat znajduje się na twojej początkowej ręce: umieść go w grze.

Robert Laskey
Powrót Przerwanego kręgu #3.
XXI Świat

It's a... fine enough card, I guess? I suppose big hand Seekers (Harvey Walters and the like) might look to this as a good 3 XP investment, but as it stands I think Death • XIII and the flat +1 that it provides are a much more consistently good XP purchase than ZA WARUDO. That being said, with Moon Pendant allowing for tarot committing, that makes this a lot less of a bad purchase otherwise, so YMMV.

supertoasty · 35
On the other hand farsight exists, and free card draw on a fairly easy condition means there’s some real potential for strength with these cards. — Difrakt · 1227
I mean, there's definitely easy ways to get it up and running, especially in Seeker: Farsight (like you mentioned), Dream Enhancing Serum, and investigator-specific engines like Analytical Mind - I still think that a Seeker is gonna want to spring for the flat Intellect boost 99% of the time, especially since it's the cheaper option XP-wise. — supertoasty · 35
5>6 is nice, 8>9 (a 5 int seeker with simple assets in play) hardly worth considering on standard, "fast draw 1 card" in big hand is going to get you more than that +1 int ever could. (I mean I despise playing big hand but spending 1xp on death for harvey is overkill) — Zerogrim · 282