XIII Śmierć
Wolność od przeszłości



Cost: 3. XP: 1.

Dostajesz +1 .

Kiedy rozpoczyna się gra, jeśli XIII Śmierć znajduje się na twojej początkowej ręce: umieść ją w grze.

Pójdźcie i przyjmijcie nową prawdę.
Chris Peuler
Przerwany krąg #27.
XIII Śmierć

I like most of the new tarot cards (Ace of Rods being the only exception). Advantages:

  • Provides +1 , which is the most important stat to gather clues and win the game
  • Seeker assets are rather cheap, so 3 ressources should be ok
  • Free to play if in opening hand (mulligan increases your chance of drawing it)
  • Does not conflict with existing assets with the new tarot slot
  • Is not an item, so it's immune to many treacheries that target these


  • Second copy is a dead card, as players have only one tarot slot and it has no icons to commit
  • Conflicts with other tarot cards, if the investigator has access to more than one faction at level 1+
  • Ability to play this for free may motivate a player to mulligan important cards, like weapon assets
Django · 4753
I think its worth acknowledging that while any tarot is a dead card, when running Higher Education, dead cards are fine. — Death by Chocolate · 1326

One of the good tarots.

Compared to Dr. Milan Christopher and Alice Luxley costing 4 resources, paying 3 for +1 is very feasible. The fact that the card is worth the cost, even if you dont luck out and get it in the opening hand, that's a good tarot.

You can swap from Dr. Milan Christopher to Death • XIII to leave your ally slot free for other characters, for example Mr. "Rook", Leo De Luca, Beat Cop.

Obviously, you can stack Death • XIII and Dr. Milan Christopher, especially seeing as how Dr. Milan Christopher can pay for Death • XIII. This may or may not be too expensive in many decks, especially flex decks that are supposed to fight and clue even handedly.

Tsuruki23 · 2446
Seekers have access to Studious. Two copies of Death hard mulligan'd for with two copies of studious gives you a 71% chance of seeing one in your opening hand. For comparison: 55% without any Studious, 45% with only one Death and both Studious, and just one Death with no Studious has 32% chance of appearing in your opening hand. — StyxTBeuford · 12879