Odkrycie - Umieść Brutalne rozkazy w grze, na twoim obszarze zagrożenia.

: Zadaj 2 obrażenia dowolnemu badaczowi w twojej lokalizacji i odrzuć Brutalne rozkazy.

Wymuszony - Koniec twojej tury: wykonaj test (3). Jeśli test zakończy się porażką, otrzymujesz 1 punkt przerażenia.

Stephen Somers
Powrót Dziedzictwa Dunwich #68. Niepochamowany Strach #1-2.
Brutalne rozkazy

Another RttDL "upgraded" encounter set, Erratic Fear has some great treacheries. This one isn't too bad, as soak and healing are a thing that exist, and it is very flavorful, so it's almost fun to draw. If your is high enough, you can even carry it for a couple of turns, if you are close to the end of the scenario and not too pressed for horror. Plus you get the fun of eying up the other players and lightly stroking the card while it sits, simmering in your Threat Area.

"O no, dont worry I will just take the damage myself, Its fine, you relax..." — Zerogrim · 214
My AHTCG partner had Tommy stab Sefina 3 times during the campaign! And she keep accompanying him! — LivefromBenefitSt · 778
Wt+ — Django · 3736
Sorry i accidently hit "post". With peter sylvestre, drawing thin and other fail to win this encounter card is a big economy boost. — Django · 3736
If only my play partner's Tommy had thought of that.... Rather than, you know, stabbing Sefina repetedly. — LivefromBenefitSt · 778
Sefina with her 5 base health? Ouch. Remember that anyone can trigger cards in your threat area and this card allows dealling damage to anyone. So Tommy could've dealt the damage to himself or Sefina could've done that. — Django · 3736
Haha, it wasn't actually a bad call -- Sefina maybe had 1 damage while Tommy had taken a massive amount of damage due to his weapons/soak getting milled and then Light of Aforgomon showing up to ruin his day (Tommy should not go to Dunwich). I had forgotten that Sefina could have triggered it; that would have been amusing. — LivefromBenefitSt · 778