Humanoid. Kultysta.

Fight: 3. Health: 1. Evade: 1.
Damage: 1. Horror: –.

Rozstawienie - Najdalsza pusta lokalizacja.
Wymuszony - Po tym, jak rozstawiłeś Ucznia Pożeracza: musisz umieścić na nim 1 żeton zagłady albo umieścić 1 z twoich żetonów wskazówek na jego lokalizacji. Jeśli obecna tajemnica nie jest Tajemnicą 1, zamiast tego wykonaj oba powyższe.

Udobruchamy bestię, a pozwoli nam żyć. Kiedy umrzemy, będzie ucztować na naszych szczątkach.
Ilich Henriquez
Powrót Nocy fanatyka #41. Kult Pożeracza #1-3.
Uczeń Pożeracza


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In our group we has an argue about how this card is played during the setup phase of Return to the Midnight Mask scenario.

We played a four players game and during setup we spawned them with one doom Token each. But in the first mithos phase we pulled the Mask of Ummordoth trachery, followed by Masked Horrors, and this treacherys plus the dooms un the cultist and the one in the agenda, made the agenda to flip over during the second round of the game, and that leave us with a bitter taste in our experience of the campaign.

Later we checked the Acolyte wording and was quite different from these replacements. Making us wonder if these enemys maybe dont start the game with a Doom token. Because the forced effect says: "when you spawn..." But in the rules "you" refers to the investigator who drew the card, or the one controlling it.

Can anyone explain how this card actually works in the setup of the scenario?

Fenrirgarm · 11
When you draw it from the encounter deck you spawn it to the furthest location (downtown in your case i think), then you(the investigator who drew the card) forced to put a doom or a clue(if you had one) since you were on Agenda 1. — Uncle George the Farmer · 40889
You spawned them correctly. ‘You’ is the drawer, or in case of ambiguity, the Lead Investigator would choose, but since nobody has clues yet, there is only one option (spawn with doom). Players never ‘control’ enemies. However, from your description, the Agenda shouldn’t have flipped until the third round of the game (second Mythos phase). No matter how much Doom is in play, the Agenda only flips when the threshold is checked during the Mythos phase (BEFORE encounter cards are drawn). They aren’t any harder to kill than Acolytes and yes, you HAVE to scramble to kill the cultists at the start of Midnight Masks. The scenario is very punishing like that. You don’t get the luxury of spending a couple rounds building up. — Death by Chocolate · 1388
The problem is that the Setup for four players spawns 3 of these guys (3 dooms in play), then the mithos phase came (4 dooms), then the Mask of Umordoth (5th doom) and, in the same mithos phase other investigator drew masked horrors (6 dooms on the agenda), and the treachery makes the agenda advance. So having played only one turn the agenda flipped over. — Fenrirgarm · 11
Masked Horrors: Revelation - Each investigator with 2 or more clues takes 2 horror. If no horror is dealt by this effect, place 1 doom on the current agenda. This effect can cause the current agenda to advance. — Fenrirgarm · 11
So I get that the scenario is supposed to be harder than the original, but If this setup works the way we played it, it means your group is forced to kill at least one of these disciples during the first round or there is a chance you miss an entire agenda from the beginning. — Fenrirgarm · 11
Okay, yeah. It seems that Masked Horrors is the problem ‘gotcha’ card, not the disciple. Surprise aside, that means that if someone grabs two clues from the first location - which is trivial in a 4p game at the House or Rivertown, you can protect against that treachery. Otherwise, killing a disciple on the first turn is still both doable and advisable. — Death by Chocolate · 1388

I've got a rule question about this guy :

If you choose to place one of your clues on its location when he is revealed and that he spaws in a location that is not revealed, what happens when you first enter (reveal) that location ? Does that clue is added to the number of clues that are added to the location as usual ? For exemple, in solo, if he spaws on a 1clue/per investigator location, does that location will get 2 clues once your reveal it ?

Narval · 76
Technically, this is not a space for rules questions, so who knows if this will be deleted, but tokens on unrevealed cards are added to the card when it is revealed. So, if the Disciple is at a "1 per" location (unrevealed), and you put a clue on it, once it's revealed it will resolve the clues for its revealed side (1 clue), then add the one that was place there (2 clues). This folows a general rule that clues are (almost) never created or destoryed except by scenario directions 9usually on Acts and Agendas). Otherwise, it becomes too easy to "lose" clues and be unable to advance the act. — LivefromBenefitSt · 1030
Thanks a lot for your answer ! — Narval · 76