Odkrycie - Wykonaj test (3). Za każdy punkt, o który test się nie powiódł (porażka),, musisz odrzucić 1 losową kartę z twojej ręki. Za każdą kartę, której nie możesz odrzucić, otrzymujesz 1 obrażenie.

Lód i szron pokrywają ziemię, a powietrze przenika ostry chłód.
Mark Molnar
Powrót Nocy fanatyka #40. Ghoule Umôrdhotha #5-7.
Chłód z otchłani

This is the Return to the Night of the Zealot's replacement for Grasping Hands, and while it won't kill you like Grasping Hands will, it will certainly stun you from being able to get set up early. Plus it plays into the rest of the "forcing you to discard cards"/"having no cards in hand" theme that the rest of this Return To campaign has, which the entire purpose of seems to be making Umôrdhoth's Wrath even scarier.

One thing about this card that I find odd is that Grasping Hands makes you perform a test but this makes you perform a test. That means that there aren't any -testing cards in the entire encounter deck for Return to The Gathering, and none in Return to The Devourer Below either if memory serves! (Not counting enemies that you can evade of course.) So I think I will house rule it that this card makes you make an test instead of a test, because Return to The Gathering is the scenario I usually play to test my decks out and this little change will keep the healthy dose of tests that the original version of the scenario had. Plus this card only shows up in two scenarios anyway, so it's not like this little change will break the whole campaign.

PS: I know this is a treachery card from a Return To set and therefore not a lot of people will see this review, but I still want to get it out there, lol.