Atut. Drobiazg

Przedmiot. Amulet.

Cost: 1. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Po tym, jak twój test umiejętności zakończy się porażką, wyczerp Króliczą łapkę: przeszukaj X wierzchnich kart twojej talii w poszukiwaniu karty, dobierz ją, a pozostałe karty wtasuj do twojej talii. X to liczba, o którą twój test się nie powiódł.

Mówili, że przyniesie mi szczęście. Jakoś nie zauważyłem, żeby mi się poszczęściło. Mam jednak wrażenie, że gdybym się tego pozbył, ściągnąłbym na siebie jeszcze większego pecha.
Matthew Cowdery
Powrót Nocy Fanatyka #10.
Królicza łapka

A perfect card for those Wendys out there, that are in direct contact with a tough enemy and would like to pick a fancy card by trying to sucker punch him with a "1" fight skill. All those Calvins out there don't even need an enemy. It's enough for them just to be at the beggining of the scenario and trying to get a life. To be honest almost every investigator has a way to forcibly trigger the condition on the maximum possible outcome.

But it's a question whether you actually want that. Whether you have time and need to dig. In my recent runs with this card (normal difficulty) it was not essentially better than a simple 0-level version. I had 4 occasions to use it. 3 of them were just a single card draw, but this one time I was really cherry picking a card that hit the sport perfectly.

Is it worth those 3XPs? On hard/expert it rather is. On easy/normal it's one of those updates you can perform later during the campaign, when chaos bag is getting more and more sick and negative.

Onetribe · 211

Return to NoZ certainly brings some interesting upgrades. Rabbit's Foot is considered to be a good card because it alleviates the opportunity cost of failing a test, which usually boils down to wasting an action, by turning that wasted action into drawing a card. Especially in the class that often runs extremely light on resources, drawing a card can be the most valuable consolation action, and it doesn't usually face stiff competition for the relic slot.

Yet treachery cards exist therefore blindly drawing threatens disaster at any moment... So enter bunny memento mk II. Failing a test by more than 1 yields actual card selection rather than simply drawing, helping to dig for specific answers or important assets while avoiding poorly-timed treacheries (or even intentionally drawing them at a time of minimal impact).

Whiffed on grabbing Fire Axe after your mulligan? This helps fight those fires. Trying to bet on a Dark Horse? Bunny's got you covered. The very act of failing the tests as you attempt them will help you find the pieces you need to overcome them. If you get lucky then awesome, but if you fail then fail with style. In fact this card turns tests on their head so that is often going to be a better pull from the chaos bag than , , or !

The most interesting application seems to be with Silas Marsh because he can sometimes choose to fail non-essential tests and appreciates the card flow. Most survivors tend to struggle to spend XP after upgrading their ally suite and are forced to grab things like Lucky! for a tiny bit more efficiency. I can easily see this replacing that in many an XP schedule.

The_Wall · 180
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