Atut. Ręka

Przedmiot. Broń. Biała.

Cost: 2.


Szybka. Tylko talia Montereya Jacka.

: Walka. Ten atak używa zamiast . Jeśli ten atak zakończy się sukcesem, możesz wyczerpać Wierny bat, aby automatycznie wymknąć się atakowanemu wrogowi albo zadać +1 obrażenie do tego ataku.

Na krawędzi Ziemi - Rozszerzenie badaczy #8.
Wierny bat


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Monterey Jack wants to go fast. Which means being away from the party tank. This weapon solves a lot of problems in an elegant way:

*You don’t need to play it until an enemy shows up.

*It doesn’t exhaust until want it to. Kill a one HP foe, then exhaust a boss. Or get it enchanted to do a two damage evade.

*You can use it on massive enemies or people engaged with others, with a low risk of damaging them.

It’s also extremely cheap for what it does, and can trigger any number of skill cards, like watch this or manual dexterity, which are harder to get from your seeker cards.

MrGoldbee · 1405
The bullwhip does take up a hand slot. I agree that it's pretty good for Monterey though. — Tay5967 · 18

This weapon is not just "Fight with ", the auto-evade clause can also inversely reads "Evade vs. enemy's " (and deal 1 bonus damage while doing it, akin to Blinding Light).

Making him flexible against previously troublesome low high (like 2 4 ) enemies, so he can now choose to test against either side of the stats in order to continue moving.

5argon · 8147
And unlike Blinding Light, you don't even need to be engaged with the enemy to evade! Excellent card. — Nenananas · 249

When one thinks of "attacking with ," their mind immediately turns to the undisputed King of the Relics, the Ornate Bow - and Ornate Bow the whip is not. Sure, you don't need to reload it every round, and it's got fast, but... that's about it. And to be honest, that's to be expected, since the Bow is a deck staple of its own right, and the Whip is more of a supplementary card for Jack, getting him out of a pinch with any creepy crawlies by either delivering some more pain than usual or binding them up for a bit with a free evasion. Basically, what I'm saying is that if I go a game committing the Whip to a different test as a slightly more buff Manual Dexterity rather than playing it, then that would be fine with me.

Maybe if a certain runner could make use of it then it would be better, but alas - you can't use Signatures that aren't yours. Sigh.

supertoasty · 36
It's slotless tho. That's HUGE. — MrGoldbee · 1405
Someone gave me bad info. Oops — MrGoldbee · 1405
It's actually better than the bow in action economy. After two actions over two turns, you can do 4 damage with the Whip, and only 3 with the Bow. At 3 actions over 3 turns, they match again. So there is benefit to the whip over the bow. — Tilted Libra · 34
The whip can deal 4 damage during a single turn (attack for 1 damage twice, another attack for 1 damage +1 damage for exhausting). The bow can be fired, reloaded and fired again for 6 damage. Comparing their damage output over two turns with exactly two actions each seems like you're stacking the scenario heavily against the Ornate Bow. — olahren · 3118
But you get and AoO while preparing the bow, while the whip is one-handed and you have the option to evade instead of doing more dmg if needed. — Gsayer · 1