Atut. Hand

Item. Weapon. Melee. Blessed.

Cost: 3.
Test Icons:

If Blessed Blade is ready: Fight. You get +1 for this attack. If a or token is revealed during this attack, this attack deals +1 damage. Before revealing chaos token(s) for this attack, you may exhaust Blessed Blade to add 1 token to the chaos bag.

Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Zmowa nad Innsmouth #18.
Blessed Blade

To assess this weapon, you need to see it for what it is.

1) This is a weapon, it gives a fight boost and some random bonus damage. Random bonus damage is not hugely viable.

2) This is a Bless token generator, as of yet one of rather few, it will generate an inconsistent volume of tokens (more consistent at higher playercounts, but then it's also harder to maintain a high density of the tokens in the bag).

So, Blessed Blade is a card that does 2 things, cards that do several things are allways interesting because if just 1 or more of the mechanics are useful, the card will see play.

Bless tokens vary a lot for different playercounts. A lone Bless character in a 4 man team isnt able to keep up the bless volume, cashing in on a Radiant Smite for example is tricky, for the big team bless tokens will generally be quickly found and generate a few extra successes per map, which is nice. On the flipside a Solo bless character (or someone in a duo) can hog all the tokens for synergies (Radiant Smite).

As a weapon, the Blessed Blade depends on a high percentile of Bless tokens to be lethal, otherwise it's just a fancy knife! The blessed blade synergizes with it's own tokens, so as explained above, a solo character is more likely to be able to build a bag full of Bless and stand to score bonus damage on half or more of all his tests.

TL:DR from the above. Blessed Blade is essentially a team-support weapon in big groups, and a bit more of a killer in small groups. But when is blessed blade a good choice?


Blessed Blade is a good choice when you need a sidearm or backup weapon, often you will find an enemy with an awkward health total or a very low health total, where taking a series of random swipes with the Blade is more useful than swiping with a Timeworn Brand (because it generates a bless token) or conserves your charges on Enchanted Blade, Shrivelling or any guns you might have. You might take 2 in deckbuilding, or stuff just 1 copy in your deck because it's just a backup weapon.

To synergize the blade, any bless generation is good, Sister Mary is a natural fit, I think at least 1 copy is almost mandatory for her. Any cards that build up the token bag with bless (Book of Psalms for example) will really buff up the blade and cause you to land 2 damage hits.

A trick to use when you use this weapon is to find circumstances where you'dd be fine with or without bonus damage. Often this involves playing 2 weapons together, for example Enchanted Blade and Blessed Blade together. If you encountered a Ravenous Ghoul you could lead an attack with the Blessed Blade to see if you got bonus damage and exhaust for a bless token, then finish with Enchanted Blade one way or the other. Then with the same sword combo you might encounter a bigger Icy Ghoul and this time swipe twice with the Blessed, and if the Ghoul survived, finish with Enchanted again.

The bless tokens in of themselves are useful in general, especially if you have some mediocre stats at 2 or 3. With a decently bless filled bag a 3 character stands to pass a couple tests that you've given up on in the mythos phase, 3 will go much further when trying for clues and 2-3 stands to get out of trouble in a coupele tries. Building towards this game-state is a useful benefit of Blessed Blade by itself.

Last but not least, as of writing this we've only seen a few Bless cards, and Blessed Blade + Sister Mary + Radiant Smite is already a rather cool lineup, I cannot wait to see what else is coming. Every new method to generate Bless tokens is going to make Blessed Blade that much more lethal and every new source of Bless tokens will make it that much easier to set up the next bless-themed combo card.

Blessed Blade will see play, and you should try it, even if only to push the Bless gimmick.

Tsuruki23 · 1955
I really like this as a backup and odd health weapon just like Song of the Dead (but 0XP). Hit first with the Blessed Blade and see if you get bonus damage. And then hit with the stronger (ammo limited weapon) if you still need 2 damage. It won't go in every deck (like my Hungering Blade Diana deck) but it is a very nice L0 weapon especially if your team is adding blessed tokens into the bag. — TWWaterfalls · 722
Are you sure Bless tokens are that useful? Most tests you take will be your highest stat, where you pass with the most likely modifier of your difficutly (-2 on standard). So i think most bless tokens will be wasted on tests that succeeded anyway. — Django · 3423
Bless is much more about the other things that interact with it, like Rite of Sanctification. Curse hurts worse than Bless helps otherwise. — StyxTBeuford · 12419
From my experience bless tokens tend to net something like 7-8 extra successes in a game where somebody is pumping bless tokens vigorously. A blessed blade by itself my net 2 successful tests for the team by itself. Also Bless I find is WAY better in a team where people are willing to risk moderate chances, so it's kinda bad in a team where people are pumping every skill test to the max the way Mystics do. — Tsuruki23 · 1955
I'm running a pretty fun and effective Blessed Blade with Fr. Mateo. De Vermis Mysteriis and Blessed Blade go pretty nicely with Mind's Eye — dlikos · 20

Really disappointing to see this weapon is not a relic ! It means that if you are playing Carcosa or TCU (for example) you can't rely on it to kill those annoying enemies who require spells / relics to be killed and so that if you want to have a fighter generating blessed tokens you will probably have to use both Blessed blade and Enchanted blade ! I for sure really hope this card will be tabooed to add it the "relic" trait.

AlexP · 149
I houseruled it as magic. It's glowing! — MrGoldbee · 1029
Well, we now have Enchant weapon to give it the Relic trait. — AlexP · 149
That really was a missed opportunity, yeah — Zinjanthropus · 160

Fancy duelists might kill me, but this is an offhanded blade. Unless multiple people are filling the bag with bless tokens every turn, your odds won’t go above ~40% of getting that extra damage. But if you’re a guardian with a gun or mystic blade, Yorrick with an axe, or have vicious blows...You can finish off an enemy and make the world just a little bit easier to deal with, every turn.

And if you’re rocking ancient covenant somewhere on the team, you make the world even better for yourself. When the bag is good, you can start out with the blade as a first hit, hope for the bonus damage, and strike again to replace the token.

Can’t wait to see the upgraded version.

MrGoldbee · 1029
I agree that this is kind of sub par. Offhand/support weapon feels right, although with meat cleaver or survival knife there are already options. Support Mary is probably the best place for this to go, in a 4-hand game with enough chaff to kill. — SGPrometheus · 493
You either go into fully blessed-base build and hope to draw bless say 1 in 2 attacks so this effectively deals 1.5dmg while adding bless tokens to the bag at lvl 0 or use it as you described as an interesting off-hand. I haven't thought about the 2nd use, so kudos! — Eruantalon · 101