Cost: 10. XP: 1.


Obniż koszt zagrania Rozległych badań o 1 za każdą inną kartę na twojej ręce.

Odkryj 2 żetony wskazówek w twojej lokalizacji.

"Tu też nic Ile nam jeszcze zostało?"
"... Widzisz tę ścianę za tobą?"
Andreia Ugrai
Ciemna strona Księżyca #198.
Rozległe badania


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It's really cool that we get a card art featuring 2 playable investigators, and we even get a little dialog between them.

Without any hand size buffs at it's best this card is a Scene of the Crime which is probably my favourite card and it will see more play than this one. Seekers already have access to so many ways to deal with high shroud value location that extensive research just doesn't feel reliable enough.

This card can work with Joe Diamond hunch deck because of the 2 resource discount. In other decks - not really

Squadcore · 20
If you want to get technical, you don’t need hand size buffs to get this to zero since you can draw cards during your turn (and don’t discard down until the upkeep), but in practice, yeah, you probably aren’t going to see it that cheap reliably without a handsize deck. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
Honorable mention: Dream-Enhancing Serum — Csys · 1
Could work in a draw focused seeker with following cards: lab assistant, above serum, lucid dreaming, stone unturned, cryptic research, prep sketches and its upgrade, eurek, any myriad cards — Django · 4973
Oh wow that’s cute I didn’t realize that Mandy and Minh Thi were on there. Wish there was a little bit more like that — Elecyan · 1
It’s good when you don’t want to deal with the locked door at your location because you have 1 combat and your grunt is clear across the map. — togetic271 · 4

Let's imagine you are Joe Diamond, and this is the first card that shows up on your hunch deck during the first turn of the game. You have 5 cards in hand. This card can already be played for a discount of 7, for 2 clues at 3 resources. That's really good.

Card effects often value buying a clue for 1-2 resources - see Scene of the Crime, Intel Report, Connect the Dots, Working a Hunch, etc. Drawn to the Flame is a notable exception but handling the ensuing encounter card is a cost that is often equivalent to 1-2 resources or even more. So, if you can get this down to at minimum 4r, which outside of Joe, is 6 other cards + Extensive Research in hand, then you can feel comfortable playing this knowing that you are paying the average rate for what a clue is worth in money. If you can get it even lower than 4, than you can feel great about playing this.

Notably, Joe can play this for 0r if it is on top of his Hunch Deck and his hand is full with no hand size bonuses.

Soloclue · 2543
Played this with a slight variation of your Joe deck and it was great. Consistently played it for less than 2 resources. — StyxTBeuford · 12943

Gimicky, good inside it's niche.

If youre playing Higher Education, using Dream-Enhancing Serum and some other hand-size combos both existing and upcoming, this is a no-brainer good addition to that archetype. When set up you can easily expect to be playing this for completely free, routinely.

Tsuruki23 · 2486