Czwórka kielichów
Puchar Serca



Cost: 3. XP: 1.

Dostajesz +1 .

Kiedy rozpoczyna się gra, jeśli Czwórka kielichów znajduje się na twojej początkowej ręce: umieść ją w grze.

Szukaj jasności w swym sercu i umyśle.
Chris Peuler
Przerwany krąg #35.
Czwórka kielichów

I like most of the new tarot cards (Ace of Rods being the only exception). Advantages:

  • Provides +1 , which protects against encounter cards and many mystic spells replace other tests with it
  • Free to play if in opening hand (mulligan increases your chance of drawing it)
  • Does not conflict with existing assets with the new tarot slot
  • Is not an item, so it's immune to many treacheries that target these


  • Second copy is a dead card, as players have only one tarot slot and it has no icons to commit
  • Conflicts with other tarot cards, if the investigator has access to more than one faction at level 1+
  • Ability to play this for free may motivate a player to mulligan important cards, like weapon assets
  • Mystic assets are quite expensive, so 3 ressources can be too much
  • Without appropriate assets, a bonus to doesn't do anything, so it can be a dead card (beside mythos protection)
Django · 4765
I think one of it is an autoinclude after the first scenario. More is arguable and i won´t do it. I am basically not happy to add a new slot so you have to decide if you want to use tarot in your campaign. — Wolfric · 1