Taktyka. Informacja.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Negocjacje. Wybierz wroga z cechą Humanoid w twojej lokalizacji i wykonaj test (3). Ten test dostaje +X do poziomu trudności, gdzie X to ilość zadawanych obrażeń wybranego wroga. Jeśli atak zakończy się sukcesem, odkryj 1 wskazówkę w twojej lokalizacji i 1 wskazówkę w sąsiadującej lokalizacji.

Coś ukrywał… ale co?
John Pacer
Przerwany krąg #20.

Latest Taboo

This card’s ability now reads “Parley. Choose a non-Elite enemy at your location…”


This card will seem more useful when you remember that parley actions, like fight and evade, don’t provoke attacks of opportunity. So even if someone’s coming at you with a butcher knife, feel free to ask them a few questions. And if you have handcuffs out to use, keep your new pal around as long as you need them. Turns out the real Arkham horror was the way you treat cultists!

MrGoldbee · 1384

This card is in a lot perspective similar to Scene of the Crime, that it is hard to not make a comparison:


  • Cost 2, which is non-trivial in the resource-hungry class.
  • Gather 2 clues in 1 action while ignoring shroud-value and investigate-based effects. Great value! Combat fucused often lack ways to gather even a single clue, let alone multiple clues. Amazing.
  • Requires an enemy at your location. This is kind of annoying, since as a it is your job to kill the enemy at first sight. Spending an action on clue gathering may leave you insufficient action to finish off the enemy, or otherwise more vulnerable to auto-failing attacks.
  • Same set of icons ( + ), which is mildly useful.


  • Does not need to be the first action. It adds some flexibility that you can move into the Humanoid's location before you use this card.
  • 1 of the 2 clues comes from any other location you choose, which may be useful if the enemy does not conveniently spawn on the hard-to-investigate locations.


  • Literally unplayable without an enemy, while Scene of the Crime just become worse but still decent.
  • The enemy needs to have the Humanoid trait, which may not even exist for certain scenarios.
  • This card requires a test of usually 4, which even the best has a realistic chance to fail.

Sadly the comparison with Scene of the Crime is unfavorable. The flexibility that Interrogate offers, IMHO, does not outweigh Scene of the Crime's reliability. That said, Scene of the Crime is the single best clue-gathering card. As a card comparable to it, Interrogate is still quite a good card.

Reasons to run Interrogate in addition to Scene of the Crime:

  • Your party lack clue-gathering power.
  • You know the scenario will contain a lot of Humanoids, like those feature the Dark Cult encounter set. Better if you have access to Adaptable (Leo and Skids).
  • You are Joe Diamond and you want more clue-gathering stuffs in your Hunch deck, and/or need a way to pick up the lost clue due to Unsolved Case.
  • You have the econ to pay both cards.

Reasons to run Interrogate instead of Scene of the Crime:

  • You are playing Solo, that double clue locations are rare. 1 clue each from different locations often cleans both up, which is amazingly good for one action. Keep in mind that enemies are also rarer in Solo, so it could be a bit more situational.
ak45 · 436
Wear your Fine Clothes for better synergy. Could be good in Night of the Zealot, but not other big campaigns. — Ezhaeu · 47

I'd love to see this combo with Wither. The mystic player withers the enemy to reduce it's fight value. And then your 'gator comes in, exposes its weakness while wearing Fine Clothes to make this a doozy test to pass for 2 clues.

Sure, Scene of the Crime might be more efficient and reliable, but this combo's more FUN, right? :-)

acotgreave · 776
Wither and Expose Weakness don't interact with Interrogate in any way. The Interrogate test difficulty depends on the enemy's damage value, not fight value. So you'd need the upgraded Mind Wipe for this. Fine Clothes do work though. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
D'oh. You're absolutely right. I'm seeing "enemy's damage value" and my brain is telling me "fight value". Oops. — acotgreave · 776
That's okay because the real combo (Mind Wipe 3 to reduce damage) is even funnier: Erase his memories, so we can ask him what he knows!! — Death by Chocolate · 1351
I feel almost redeemed by enabling the discovery of that comedy thematic combo ;-) — acotgreave · 776

Not a fan of these cards that only target specific enemy types. I don't like having to memorize which campaign/scenario has what type of enemies, its more fun to go in blind.

This might've been more fun if it was able to target all enemy types, but is easier against humanoids (e.g. Strength test 4 vs non-humanoids, strength test 2 vs humanoids).

All in all, I think its not a great card anyways. Just take scene of the crime. Unless you're going solo, your guardian currently doesn't need to focus too much on clues (and gators like Carolyn Fern has other tools).

fates · 47

An excellent Insight for [Joe Diamond] as the card saves tons of action economy and can clear extremely difficult areas. An important use of this card is in combination with signature weaknesses or campaign weaknesses that generate humanoid enemies, as it provides a consistent way to not only mine clues but mine clues at a distance from very unpleasant locations. [Scene of the Crime] is more consistent (and why not take both) but if you have the right tools, you can make this card better:

  1. Take this card as the lead in Path to Carcosa and you'll find yourself constantly talking to Strangers, who will spawn virtually every scenario on top of a wide array of other humanoids.

  2. Humanoids are a very common enemy type in most other campaigns, but it's really the signature weaknesses and occasional basic weaknesses that make this card consistent, making it a solid [Adaptable] choice if you happen to be a Rogue/Guardian hybrid who picks up [Mob Enforcer], [Silver Twilight Acolyte], or [Stubborn Detective] after finalizing your deck.

  3. [Nathaniel Cho] and [William Yorick] both have humanoid signatures and the ability to run this card, so keep it in mind while building them if you want to hold some Ghouls for questioning. [Rita Young], [Trish Scarborough] and [Father Mateo] all spawn extras as well ([Tony Morgan], too, although he spawns humans in an inconvenient location and on a timer). If you have more than one of these investigators in a party, this becomes a very clever pick, so keep an eye out for the right circumstances to reap a little extra power in a very fun way.

LocoPojo · 209
I wouldn't agree that this card is a good option for Joe, because as an off-class guardian his option for bonuses on strength is limited if you would not ignore your primary class. In most cases this means you have to beat a test difficulty of 4 with a value of 5. So in my experience this card needs further support (fine clothes or skill cards) in a Joe-Deck to start working — Tharzax · 1
And even then: "An excellent Insight for [Joe Diamond]" sounds like a recommendation for the hunch deck to me, where you definitely don't want this card in. It is much to situationally to be able to use before being reshuffled. You would need to be at least very close to a location with a humanoid enemy, when it comes to the top. — Susumu · 326