Zaklęcie. Duch.

Cost: 1. XP: 3.


Jako dodatkowy koszt zagrania Krwawego zaćmienia otrzymujesz maksymalnie 3 obrażenia.

Walka. Ten atak używa zamiast . Za każde obrażenie przyjęte jako część kosztu zagrania tej karty do tego ataku dostajesz +1 i zadajesz +1 obrażenie.

Ryohei Hase
Czeluście Yoth #266.
Krwawe zaćmienie


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Although 3 experience is pretty steep for a one-off attack, there are a couple investigators for whom this haymaker plugs a gap.

Carolyn Fern has lots of conditional ways to deal with enemies; her Mind over Matter is best with an otherwise-underwhelming Machete, Shrivelling needs several boosts to be reliable, "I've got a plan!" requires setup, Dynamite Blast is expensive, and Guard Dog or Beat Cop take the ally slot that she would prefer to be Peter Sylvestre. This ranks highly in that company, the self-damage being analogous to dynamite and it can be soaked or healed by usual tricks.

Likewise Marie Lambeau might find this a reasonable addition to her spell arsenal, especially since the damage can off a David Renfield to a doom-free grave.

Its worth pointing out that Leo Anderson has 4 and can take damage with low risk, but he has so many options for dealing with Poltergeist that he can safely ignore it.

The_Wall · 281
Can you name 1 way of Leo dealing with Poltergeist other than using this card?? Cause I can't think of any... — matt88 · 3032
Timeworm Brand is a relic and amazing with Mr Anderson's strength 4 & willpower 4. — The_Wall · 281
3 probably is a bit much for the effect. Zoey also has 4 willpower, though — Zinjanthropus · 225

Just realise that the wording of parallel Agnes Baker provide an opportunity to "pay" one more damage as an additionnal cost. It can provide an other leverage to make it a 0 cost spell and enlarge the scope to make it a 5 dmg card. Not game breaking but quite fun ;-)

Sycla63 · 11

I haven't had a chance to use this card yet, and generally higher-level events are a smaller priority for me in deckbuilding since I tend to focus experience points on assets.

However, I can see people using this card as "Brother Xavier's Parting Gift" - you can play this card and take 3 damage on Brother Xavier for a potential 6 damage on an enemy. That's a powerful attack.

Still, it's something that requires 4 experience, 6 resources, and a few turns of setup in order to do. Is it worth it? Maybe in some situations, but I think usually experience is better invested elsewhere.

This card is a nice trick for Calvin. It's cheap in terms of resources, can deal nice amount of damage in one action, is flexible and lets him pump his stats pretty quickly. Luckily this card doesn't demand to put direct damage. And this theme... — KptMarchewa · 1