Tajemnica. Stage 2
Doom: 9. Clues: –
What was once excitement has turned to dread. This place is far deadlier than you could have imagined. It is as though the jungle itself wants you out.

: Explore. Draw the top card of the exploration deck. If it is a connecting location, put it into play and move to it.

Michał Miłkowski
Zapomniana Era #45. Dzikie Ostępy #3.

Endless Meandering - Back

You find yourself in an endless loop, traversing the same path through the jungle over and over again. No matter which direction you walk, the result is the same. It has been hours, perhaps even days. Meanwhile, you can hear the serpent creatures hissing in the trees, mocking you from afar. Out of food and exhausted from lack of sleep, you collapse against a half-rotted tree. Your vision becomes hazy.

Each investigator is defeated. Each investigator who is not poisoned adds a set-aside Poisoned weakness to his or her deck.


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