Tajemnica. Stage 1
Doom: 5. Clues: –
After arriving in New Orleans the next day, you start your investigation by asking the locals what they knew of the recent killings. As you suspected, most know very little of the incidents. You do manage to find several eyewitnesses who give similar descriptions of the creature: its lithe, muscular form, lanky arms, and wolf-like visage. A promising start - but if there is any truth to the rumors about this "curse", you'll have to talk to Lady Esprit herself.
Ignacio Bazán Lazcano
Klątwa Rougarou #2. Zalewisko #2.
A Creature of the Bayou

Darkened Skies - Back

A violent storm rolls in as your search continues. Black rainclouds conquer the sky, the air thick with humidity. You recall that all of the recent killings took place late at night, under the cover of dark clouds. A shiver runs down your spine - what if you are next?

Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck.

If The Rougarou is in play, find a non-Bayou location with the fewest clues on it. Move The Rougarou (one location at a time) until it enters that location.

If The Rougarou is not in play, after advancing to agenda 2a, add 1 doom to that agenda.

A Creature of the Bayou

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