Cost: 4.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play only during your turn.

Do not reveal chaos tokens for the next skill test you perform this turn.

Ilich Henriquez
Stella Clark #12.
Will to Survive

While I understand the logic behind this card as a down-leveled version of the popular classic. I believe printing this card was mostly a mistake. In most non-Preston decks, this card is just too expensive for what it does, and even in young moneybags, he has to boost on top of this to still succeed at something.

This card's natural home is in one main place: Jenny "Stop The Flow Of Time!" Barnes. It replaces the Premonition that tells you how much to commit/pay to hit your goal with... just flat out guaranteeing the (over)success in a very clean way.

Even outside the logical extreme, this thing goes best with big chonky Double or Nothing maneuvers, and its availability at level 0 means that even more rogues (or whomever) have access to it - and even more characters in general have access to it + Double or Nothing.

Maybe I'm wrong and there is a middle ground existence somewhere for this card, but I predict it will mostly be underwhelming or degenerate with little in between.

Agreed completely. For Preston even, without Donut, 4 resources is a lot, giving up the ability to do almost anything else that round. You might Intel Report for 2 clues with that money, which is usually much better than one clue. — StyxTBeuford · 12433
The All In you linked to is the All In agenda from House Always Wins. — Soloclue · 2029
@Soloclue OOPS! I’ll fix that, thanks. — Death by Chocolate · 730