Atut. Mistyczna


Cost: 2. XP: 4.

Mistyk Ocalały

Zużywalny (6 ładunków).

: Wykonaj test (0). Za każdy punkt, o który test zakończył się sukcesem, możesz wydać 1 ładunek, aby wyleczyć 1 obrażenie lub 1 punkt przerażenia z dowolnego badacza w twojej lokalizacji. Jeśli test zakończył się sukcesem o 0, tracisz 2 żetony zasobów.

Drazenka Kimpel
Na krawędzi Ziemi - Rozszerzenie badaczy #119.
Ziemska łagodność


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Regarding Earthly Serenity, if I succeed by 2, can I spend 2 charges to heal damage/horror to different investigators at my location? For example, heal me for 1 damage and heal my teammate for 1 horror? A: Yes. Earthly Serenity (1) specifies that “for each point” you succeed by, you may spend 1 to heal 1 from an investigator. “For each” allows you to choose different targets to heal 1 from.
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This is in some ways worse than Earthly Serenity (1), since any high negative chaos token will bring your skill value down to 0 and you will succeed by 0 and lose 2 resources. With Earthly Serenity (1) you would instead fail and not loose any resources.

While test on Earthly Serenity (4) is very slightly easier and you have two charges more it does not really outweigh the more severe punishment and easier to encounter punishment, especially on higher difficulties.

tdctaz · 46
I think that you could make that Argument on Blur (1) to Blur (4), where the penalty is either taking one or two damage. Damage is much harder to remove than resources to replace. But I do agree in general that for a high willpower mystic or survivor, that it's not worth three exp to maybe get a little more healing. — DjMiniboss · 44
I think if you're spending the xp on this, a simple solution presents itself: stay broke. Mystics are a great class for setting up and never needing resources again, while survivors have dark horse. — SGPrometheus · 769
Also, these cards look more like a "2 action event", than a real asset. You want to preferably use them in one highly over committed action, to heal 6 points of horror (or 4 with the lower level) at once. Succeeding by 0 is at that point less likely than (auto)failing, and a waste of an action anyway, because you gain no healing out of it. — Susumu · 347
An arcane is quite expensive for an event. All the more reason to empty it quickly to replace it. — Django · 4963
By calling it a "2 action event", I meant 1 action to play it, 1 action to use and empty it. So yes, no long commitment of the arcane slot. Akachi might also be interested to heal only 4 horror in 1 action with it, and use the 3 spare charges to tame her spirits. — Susumu · 347
It definitely is a lot stronger than it seems, especially in 'grinder' campaigns like TFA where you can be doing things correctly and still be staring down potentially lethal unavoidable damage. As Susumu said, the downside basically never matters if you are using it on a high WP character as you ideally just blad all the charges out in one or two actions and almost never will actually succeed by 0. Being able to give your team what is probably a full heal in 2 actions can swing some harder situations Arkham can throw at you. — dezzmont · 203
If the WP is high enough (like 5 in most standard bags) you CANT succeed by 0. In other bags, you can just try yo win by a number that isnt in the bag — Jota · 6
So, if you pass the test by 0, you can't spend a charge to heal? — CrovaxTheFallen · 1