Cost: 0. XP: 1.


Szybka. Zagraj, kiedy badacz w twojej lokalizacji miałby dobrać kartę ze swojej talii lub talii spotkań. Wymień nazwę karty. Jeśli dobrana karta ma wymienioną nazwę, dany badacz może (wybierz jedno):

- Anulować efekt danej karty i ją odrzucić.

- Natychmiast zagrać daną kartę, obniżając jej koszt o 2.

Pavel Kolomeyets
Na krawędzi Ziemi - Rozszerzenie badaczy #64.
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(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: I have a question about the card Foresight: how does it work with cards that say for example: "search the top 3 cards from your deck for a card and draw it" (like Eureka!)? When using Foresight, do I have to name a card before I start searching or can I start searching and say name of the card right before drawing ( so I would know for 100% what card I will draw). I don't know if effect "search and draw" can be interrupted by playing card like Foresight. A: Though you could play Foresight during “search and draw” abilities, we are ruling that you can only “name a card” before looking at the cards from the search. In a future FAQ (not 2.0, which was just released) we will expand on the different ways to resolve Foresight.
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The most powerful encounter-cancel card in AHLCG. If you know the encounter card, you can achieve Ward of Protection (5) with no resource and sanity cost. Moreover, you could play it for another investigator at your location. More important thing is that you can cancel weakness. Unlike other cards, there are NO weakness restriction. Additionally, it works for Peril encounter, I believe (since play timming is before you know the card is peril).

However, it's hard to use this by itself. You should know the encounter/player deck to play it. It means that you need to use Foresight with some supporting cards. However, it's not hard work when you firstly see this card.

  • Scrying/Alyssa Graham: Scrying/Alyssa is the best way to look cards for mystics. If you're Gloria, I think you already use this. One problem is Arcane/Ally slot to handle it. If you have enough slot, this card will be good way.
  • First Watch: Here is the best solution, I think. Play First Watch. Look before dealing cards. Then, naming what you just looked. It seems that the investigator do not draw the encounter card from the deck when resolving the First Watch according to the FAQ 2.0, so that it does not work.
  • Parallel Fates: 0-level is not robust, but 2-level is robust. I don't use those yet, but it will be helpful.
  • Norman Withers: Norman Withers usually reveal the weakness before drawing it. It means he cancel his weakness by Foresight. However, it's not true for The Harbinger. The solution is simple. You may use replacement set :)
  • Mysterious Chanting: Some encounter make you search encounter deck and draw what you want. If you're not first-run, you may know which is in encounter so that naming it.
  • Search Cards: I'm not sure I can play Foresight AFTER search BEFORE draw a card. Currently, my party plays Foresight as a ruling that I should name a card before search deck. Even if this cases, searching can increase the probability. If you're Agnes, you may play Word of Command to search Dark Memory and discard by Foresight without effect.
elkeinkrad · 473
I think the search card thing works with foresight, its no more OP than just using alyssa graham every turn on the top of your deck. guess I haven't used that combo, is it that much of a game break to have a generic weakness counter tech? (given some weaknesses have counter tech anyway) — Zerogrim · 287
Does Foresight work with First Watch? What I'm worried about is that the cards each player is drawing is not "from the encounter deck", but rather from those that were dealt to them? — slyguavas · 47
I think it works with First Watch. This is because First Watch states "look" and "deal" and "draw" the encounter cards. I think that the cards are still in encounter deck before drawn, since the cards are only looked and no physically moved. — elkeinkrad · 473
This is great with Alyssa, wether for weaknesses or encounter cards. Also note that compared to most counters, this also cancels SURGE and ENEMIES. — Django · 4963
Thanks for the comment @Django. I edit the review to state about Alyssa also. — elkeinkrad · 473
Scroll of secrets can set this this up also, either for the next player's encounter deck draw, or somewhat less reliably for any player deck. — SleepyLibrarian · 41
Review suggests that Norman could intercept a weakness card other than Harbinger. Norman's forced effect says that if his revealed top card is a weakness, he must immediately play it. Does this mean there's a window in there between Reveal & Draw where Norman could Foresight away the weakness? — HanoverFist · 685
Answered my own question, it was pointed out that this card is played in response to the draw being triggered per its own text. So, yes it can. — HanoverFist · 685
I'm sorry for late reply, but I check the comment now. For other reader, I simply write the reason. Noman's Forced ability just states "draw" the weakness, so after the top (weakness) card of the deck is revealed, it is drawn. Thus, Foresight can be played; it is Fast card with specific timing, so we can play at that specifi timing. — elkeinkrad · 473
However, The Harbinger is just an exception. After The Harbinger is revealed, due to its constant ability, "card in your deck cannot be drawn", it is not drawn. Thus, The Harbinger is not drawn, so Forsight cannot be played since The Harbinger cannot be drawn. — elkeinkrad · 473
It's noted that the text with "cannot" has priority in this game, so even if Norman's Forced ability, The Harbinger is not drawn until ->-> is triggered. — elkeinkrad · 473

I made some mistake with this card and wanted to remind others. I was playing it with Norman, as he could see a card on top of the deck, when 2-cost card came up I would play Foresight in an attempt to get the best deal of -2 cost and it is even Fast.

However, this Fast has "when". It could be used only when you are about to draw that card. You cannot just pop an Asset card on top of the deck to the field Fast like that! (Luckily Norman has a lot of Skill cards with drawing effect to synergize with, and this card itself has wonderful .)

5argon · 8251
You can play it during the draw from upkeep. — yinwhite · 8
You could take a draw action and play foresight — Django · 4963
Yeah, that's how I play it now (either use draw action or wait for upkeep). I was trying to save the draw action and play Foresight Fast during the turn in Investigation phase. Waiting to play in Upkeep is fine, but having to survive one more Enemy Phase is sometimes rough. — 5argon · 8251
Personally prefer foresight as counter for weaknesses and enc cards. Alyssa really helps with that and has +1 int for norman so he can investigate without spells — Django · 4963
Draw action foresight is basically worthless as Norman - the strength of foresight is that you can play something fast, with the discount being less necessary. With Norman, taking a draw action to Foresight a card means you get a -1 discount to that card, since he could already play it from deck for -1 cost. That's it. — SSW · 206

To answer your question(s):

Foresight specifically targets a card that would be drawn “from the encounter deck.” First Watch causes encounter cards to be removed from the deck and dealt out to investigators. So no, Foresight cannot be played on a card dealt via First Watch.

Feel free to reach out to us if any more questions arise!


Alex Werner, FFG Game Rules Specialist

dubcity566 · 109
Hello! Can you share and forward the official ruling email (including questions and answers) you received to arkhamdbfaqs@gmail.com? This is the mailbox of Jared, the official FAQ maintainer, and he will update the verdict you received into ArkhamDB! — Jacksonsu · 1