Grosik „na szczęście”
Zwiastun nieszczęścia

Atut. Drobiazg

Przedmiot. Amulet. Przeklęty.

Cost: 2. XP: 2.
Test Icons:


Wymuszony - Kiedy podczas wykonywanego przez ciebie testu umiejętności odkryjesz żeton lub : rzuć monetą. Jeśli wypadnie orzeł, traktuj dany żeton jako żeton . Jeśli reszka, traktuj dany żeton jako żeton . Jeśli w wyniku tego efektu potraktujesz żeton jako żeton , dobierz 1 kartę.

Sarah Lindstrom
Światło pośród mgieł #224.
Grosik „na szczęście”

By itself, this card isn’t worth four XP. But if you’re playing a rogue, you make your own luck. Combining this with your teammates covenants means intriguing things, like flipping curses, using them as blessings, and if they end up as curses, taking them out of the bag with false covenant. With sacred covenant, 50% of the time when you draw a curse, which you can trigger intentionally with the pact of the moon, you get +2 and end the check there. Dexter can also use this with a paradoxical covenant, as can Sefina. But with 50-50 odds, you’d better cover both your options, because the accessory slot is valuable and the effect is forced.

MrGoldbee · 1250
This card feels way too expensive for what it does and Blasphemous Covenant seems, by far, the worst Covenant. I'm trying to work out whether they work together nicely. If i reveal a Bless, and Lucky Penny makes it a Curse, can I Blasphemous Covenant to put it back in the bag? Or does the Blasphemous not trigger because it's not a Curse being revealed, it had already been revealed and became a Curse after that? I guess if this doesn't work, then when a Bless becomes a Curse that's really good with Ancient Covenant - on Expert I'd be very happy to take my -2 and stop there AND draw a card any day of the week... — slyguavas · 39

A straightforward use for this is as a curse-heavy solo Rogue, at which point this simply turns half your curses into blesses. In theory, this averages the value of all curses to 0.

In practice, of course, you still have increased standard deviation, which is worse than not having the curses there at all... your worst-case scenario still means assuming all your curses come up cursey.

So perhaps the better way to look at it is as an automatic 50% saving-throw-vs-curses. Difficult to say if that's worth a 4xp one-of.

HanoverFist · 524
50% until you have false covenant, then it might as well be 100% given you can selectively trigger false covenant only when the curse matters. — Zerogrim · 249