Cost: 2.


Wydaj 2 żetony zasobów: do końca fazy dostajesz +1 .

Wydaj 2 żetony zasobów: do końca fazy dostajesz +1 .

Bryce Cook
Diabelska rafa #152.
Bystre oko


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Keen Eye (3) is cost-heavy card and usually suffer leak of resources, so this card is sometimes underestimated. This card has same problem, and moreover it has 2 play cost. I believe most don't chooes this card, and want Physical Training. However, this card is level 0, so off-class investigator can use this. This card has great synergy with ; they have lots of money, and lots of action in one turn.

elkeinkrad · 473
I think very few Guardians play it except maaybe Carolyn or Mary, but Skids and Jenny love it. — SSW · 206
I don't think most Rogues would take this since Streetwise 0 exists, which can naturally upgrade into the Permanent Streetwise and leave behind a flexible card slot. Both Keen Eye and streetwise buff intellect, but rarely do Rogues spend their whole turn investigating, and they often evade instead of fight. I think I most like this card for a lean Joe Diamond deck that relies on skills more than assets or expensive events, and even then I doubt it would make the cut. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
must card to make tommy a wel rounded investigator... 3 lore and 4 fight can increase a little bit thanks to the resource management Tommy had — isuscbrmid · 38
Why does this cost 2 when streetwise 0 cost 0? — fates · 49
because this gives +1 until end of phase vs. streetwise (lvl 0) gives +2 for one skill test... still, this is too expensive, unless one has a way to capitalize on the "until end of the phase". Someone using police badges for mega action turns perhaps — pestis · 32